Ted Kronvall

Room 241, Mathematical Sciences, Lund University


Ted Kronvall is a postdoctoral researcher in Prof. Sminchisescu’s research group at Lund University. Ted earned his doctoral degree in applied mathematics and statistics in 2017 from Lund University, with a dissertation entitled “Group-Sparse Regression - with Applications in Spectral analysis and Audio Signal Processing”. In 2012, he earned his MSc degree in engineering and finance, also from Lund University.

Ted’s main research interests currently include generative modeling via adversarial networks or autoencoders, probabilistic mixture modeling in multi-label classification problems, the use of deep learning for audio modeling and synthesis, as well as supervised learning and optimization methodology in general. One of his overall goals in his research is to bridge the gap a between model-driven analysis, often though physical or otherwise a priori known attributes, and data-driven analysis, often overwhelmingly successful when an abundance of data is available.

Ted has a strong background in statistics and signal processing, with expertise in sparse modeling, regularized regression, and convex optimization. He is also well-versed in estimation theory, Bayesian inference, and optimization theory including interior-point methods, proximal methods, and convex relaxation. He has published several journal papers in the highly ranked signal processing journals Elsevier Signal Processing and IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing, as well as having several conference contributions to the top-tier signal processing conferences ICASSP and EUSIPCO. He has also frequently been a reviewer for the abovementioned publications.

Ted holds teaching experience from supervision of MSc and BSc theses, as well as course planning, tutorial- and lab-assistance in several courses on PhD, MSc and BSc level at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences at Lund University.

In his spare time, Ted enjoys literature, podcasts on political science, motorcycling, the outdoors in company with his partner, as well as taking part of the Swedish scout movement, encouraging the physical, intellectual, and spiritual development of young people through his capacity as a scout leader.