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Travel and accomodation information for Lund

About Lund

Lund is an old university town in the very south of Sweden. This page contains information on how to find us and on accommodation. General information about Lund is supplied by the tourist office.

How To Get Here

The Centre for Mathematical Sciences is a department of Lund University, in southern Sweden, Skåne (Scania), close to Denmark. The Centre is located in the building for mathematical sciences (or Mathematicum, marked with an F) at Lunds tekniska högskola / Lunds universitet (Lund Institute of Technology / Lund University), 1-2 km northeast of the center of Lund, at the intersection of Tornavägen and Sölvegatan, see the University campus map (200 kB pdf), and the map of the LTH campus, where the building is marked "MH".

We have gathered som information about how to travel by air, by train, and within Lund.

Arrival by plane

There are two airports close to Lund: one is Malmö (Sturup) Airport located 30 km south-east of Lund. The other one is Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup) in Denmark about 25 km south-west of Lund. Note that some travel agencies does not know that Lund is very close to Denmark and therefore they sometimes try to book you on to a flight to Gothenburg (3-4 hours away) or even Stockholm (5-7 hours away).

Kastrup (CPH), Copenhagen Airport, Denmark to Lund C

Most people traveling to Lund will come through Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup. As you will see from the air, the airport is next to the bridge to Sweden. From Copenhagen Airport trains across the bridge to Sweden (Öresundstågen) leave from platform 1 every 20 minutes (at 1:00-5:00 at night once an hour) to Malmö C. Some of the trains continue to Lund C, but it might be that you have to change train in Malmö (purple commutor trains). From the airport to Lund, the travel time is about one hour. A one-way ticket (ask for a ticket to Lund) is approximately 80 DKK or 100 SEK (~11 EUR) and are sold at the ticket counters before going down the conveyer belt down to the trains. Most credit cards are also accepted. For an additional fee of 50 SEK, you can by the ticket on the train.

Sturup (MMX), Malmö Airport, Sweden to Lund C

Sturup has frequent connections with Stockholm (in case you transfer from there), Ryanair flyes to London (Stansted), but otherwise there are few international flights. From the airport, there is a bus ( Flygbussarna) to the centre of Lund (approximately twice an hour). A one-way ticket, bought on the bus, is 90 SEK (~10 EUR). A 30 minutes taxi ride into Lund is about 250 SEK (~27 EUR), but be sure to ask for the price before you take the taxi. There are unfortunately some non-serious drivers. Most taxis accepts credit cards (sometimes for a minor additional fee).

Arriving by train from elsewhere in Sweden

The train station in Lund is in the centre of Lund and is the station in Sweden with the most train arrivals and departures, with connections to all parts of Sweden.

Within Lund

Get to your hotel

Lund is a small city and almost everything is within walkable distance. To get to your hotel see the map below or catch a taxi outside the central station. Don't hesitate to ask someone in the street. Almost everyone knows English.

Get to the Centre for Mathematical Sciences

There are a few ways of to get from the train station (Lund C) to the department: See map below, and the map of the LTH campus (where the building is marked "MH") for details.

To walk from the train station takes about 15-20 minutes. For guidance, see map to the right. Beautiful walk.
Ask for "Mattehuset", "Mathematicum", or "F-huset" close the "Old Water Tower", Sölvegatan 18.
Bus 166 "Lundalänken" from Clemenstorget (the square near the railway station). Stop at "Kårhuset".
Map of Lund and the Centre of Mathematical Sciences
Map: (pdf, 260kb)


Some hotel suggestions: