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Applied stochastic models for ocean engineering, climate and safe transportation

A Research Training Network funded by the European Commission 2005-2009

New position

School of Mathematics and Statistics, the University of Sheffield, announces a new position as Early Stage researcher, until the end of the Seamocs project. Title: Statistical analysis of marine natural hazards. Details on the position can be found on the university's job page. See also "Information about the job".

Recent events

For general information about SEAMOCS positions please contact one of the research leaders.

Announced positions of Early Stage (ESR) and Experienced Researchers (ER)

Link to more details about the positions.

Partner information (click on the link to find the address to the partners)

and detailed information about the people in the network:

Georg Lindgren (georg@maths.lth.se)
Mathematical Statistics
Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Faculty of Engineering / Lund University
Box 118, 221 00 LUND

Room: 220
Direct Phone: +46 46 22 285 47, Dept. Phone: +46 46 22 285 50
Fax: +46 46 22 246 23
e-mail: georg@maths.lth.se or Georg.Lindgren@matstat.lu.se