Centre for Mathematical Sciences

Researchers in Mathematics



Isaiah Kantor, Arne Meurman
Vertex operator algebras, infinite-dimensional Lie algebras and the structure of operators on linear superspaces, in particular their rings of invariants.

Jonas Månsson
Computer Algebra: Noncommutative Gröbner bases. In particular the connection between Gröbner bases theory and formal language theory.

Patrik Nordbeck
Symbolic Computation. Computer Algebra. Groebner bases, SAGBI-bases and related structures.

Gunnar Traustason
Engel groups and other generalised nilpotent groups. Engel Lie algebras. Problems of Burnside type.

Victor Ufnarovski, Hans Öfverbeck
Computer Algebra: Groebner basis calculations and their applications, calculations of resolution. Combinatorial algebra. Lie algebras: Orthogonal decompositions and groups acting on corresponding lattices. Nilpotency in Lie and associative algebras.


Karl Gustav Andersson
Differential equations, microlocal analysis. History of mathematics.

Christer Bennewitz
Erik Andersson (PhD-student)
Inverse spectral theory.

Nils Dencker
Propagation of singularities and theory of pseudodifferential operators. Solvability for pseudodifferential operators. Pseudospectra for semiclassical pseudodifferential operators.

Magnus Fontes
Partial differential equations, harmonic analysis and functional analys. Bioinformatics.

Gudrun Gudmundsdottir
Approximation of Schrödinger operators and their spectral quantities.

Anders Holst
(Inverse) scattering theory, spectral theory for differential operators.

Lars Hörmander
The theory of partial differential equations and that of functions of several complex variables.

Per-Anders Ivert
Catarina Petersson (PhD-student)
Potential theory, variational problems, quasilinear elliptic differential equations.

Henrik Kalisch
Regularity and well-posedness of nonlinear partial differential equations. Existence and stability of solitary waves. Mathematical modeling in fluid mechanics, fiber optics and biology. Scientific computation and the analysis of numerical methods.

Pavel Kurasov
Marlena Nowazcyk (PhD-student)
Operator theory, ordinary and partial differential equations, rigorous mathematical physics. Spectral theory on quantum graphs.

Jonatan Lenells (PhD-student)
Nonlinear wave equations, water waves

Anders Melin
Partial differential equations in mathematical physics and inverse problems in quantum scattering theory. Pseudo-differential calculus and noncommutative harmonic analysis.

Mario Natiello
Dynamical systems (Theory and Applications in natural sciences).

Nils Nilsson
Partial differential equations and theory of analytic functions.

Jaak Peetre
Hankel type operators in the context of Hermitean symmetric spaces and, more generally, quite general Hermitean or Kählerian manifolds. Notions of (geometric) quantizations. Fock bundles, theta functions, multilinear forms, study of invariant partial differential equations, invariant theory etc. History of mathematics.

Tomas Persson (PhD Student)
Ergodic theory and dynamical Systems, Non-invertible hyperbolic systems with singularities.

Pelle Pettersson
Partial differential equations in mathematical physics.

Joerg Schmeling
Dynamical systems and smooth ergodic theory.

Anna-Maria Persson (PhD Student)
Complex analysis, operator theory. Möbius invariant spaces of analytic functions.

Erik Wahlén (PhD Student)
Nonlinear partial differential equations, Mathematical physics.


Amiran Ambroladze
Machine learning.

Fredrik Andersson
Inverse problems, fast algorithms, computational harmonic analysis.

Olof Barr (PhD Student)
Graph theory, computer vision and machine learning.

Stefan Diehl
Conservation laws with application to continuous sedimentation.

Svetlana Iantchenko (PhD-student)
Theory and numerics for robust control of linear system with parametric uncertainty.

Jens Nilsson (PhD Student)
Bioinformatics, pattern recognition.

Jakob Sternby (PhD Student)
Shape Analysis and Pattern Recognition with a particular focus on character recognition.

Oskar Wigelius (PhD Student)
Machine learning.

Olivier Verdier (PhD Student)
Time periodic solutions of some partial differential equations. Theoretical study and numerical approximations.


Gunnar Sparr, Anders Heyden, Sven Spanne, Fredrik Kahl and
Nicolas Guilbert, Henrik Malm, Charlotte Svensson (PhD-students)
Reconstruction, recognition and motion analysis by means of projective geometry and invariants. Image restoration. Medical applications.

Rikard Bertilsson
Geometry of multiple views of points, curves and surfaces, stochastic image analysis, handwriting recognition, and cognitive vision.

Anders Eriksson (PhD Student), Johan Karlsson (PhD Student)
Medical image analysis, statistical shape models.

Anders P. Eriksson
Cognitive vision, machine learning.

Magnus Oskarsson
Computer and cognitive vision.

Henrik Stewenius (PhD Student)
Navigation and Calibration of Autonomous Vehicles using Computer Vision.

Kalle Åström
Geometry and algebra of multiple views of points, curves and surfaces. Stochastic analysis of low level vision, models of shape variation with
applications to handwriting recognition and medical image analysis, computer vision and machine learning.


Sigmundur Gudmundsson
Differential geometry: The theory of harmonic maps and harmonic morphisms between Riemannian, almost Hermitian and Kähler manifolds.

Last edited 30 June 2006.