Quantitative Methods in the Legal Evaluation of Evidence-challenges and prospects

April 10 2013, Pufendorf Institute

The purpose of this conference is to unite statisticians, mathematicians and lawyers, to discuss interesting problems on the borderline between Science and Law, and in particular the legal evaluation of evidence.

The workshop is jointly organized by Dragi Anevski (Mathematical Sciences) and Lena Wahlberg (Faculty of Law). The goal of this conference is to get together scholars as well as practitioners to discuss theoretical and practical questions pertaining to the use of scientific data and statistics in the court room. 

The workshop will be a one day meeting on April 10 of 2013. The location will be the Pufendorf Institute in Lund.

We have planned for nine talks.

The workshop is open for all researchers and practitioners and free of charge. Lunch will be served free of charge for all attending the workshop. Registration is compulsory.




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