Math Education and e-learning


Jan-Fredrik Olsen, Anna Maria Persson and Kristina Juter (Lund University)


Several ICT-based teaching methods have gained popularity during the last decade, we mention "Peer-instruction" (Harvard University) and "Just in time teaching" (IUPUI). These methods rely on the use of classroom response systems (iClickers) and specialized online e-learning systems (Moodle, Blackboard), respectively. Moreover, software to visualize algebra, calculus and geometry (GeoGebra, Maple, Matlab) has become widely available. Perhaps the most extreme recent development in e-learning are the massive open online courses pioneered by Stanford University, in which more than 100.000 students have been known to enroll in a single course. The purpose of this session is to present research on and discuss e-learning methods for the classroom with mathematics teachers from the region. We hope to inspire further testing and development of these methods.


Thursday, June 13  
13.30-14.20 Thomas Lingefjärd (Göteborgs universitet)
14.20-14.35 Break
14.35-15.25 Karsten Schmidt (The Technical University of Denmark)
15.25-15.40 Break
15.40-16.30 Malin Christersson (Lund University)


This session is supported by the Crafoord Foundation

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