Homological Methods in Algebra


Petter Bergh and Marius Thaule (NTNU Trondheim)


The focus of this special session is on highlighting various aspects of the use of homological methods in algebra, broadly interpreted.


 Monday, June 10   
  13.30-14.20 Dag Madsen (University of Nordland)
  14.35-15.25 Gunnar Fløystad (University of Bergen)
  15.40-16.30 Henning Krause (University of Bielefeld)
 Tuesday, June 11 
  13.30-14.20 Marius Thaule (NTNU)
  14.35-15.25 Alexander Berglund (Stockholm University)
  15.40-16.30 Kathryn Hess (EPFL)


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