Harmonic Analysis and Operators


Tuomas Hytönen (University of Helsinki) and Andreas Rosén (Linköping University and Göteborg University)

Contact email: andreas.rosen@liu.se


The session is centered around estimates and applications of operators of singular integral type, but possibly more general than the strict classical sense of the word. Recent advances in apparently distinct areas like weighted norm inequalities and PDEs in nonsmooth settings, share common ground like similar stopping time techniques. Our hope is to bring up such connections by gathering talks on various aspects around this theme, for example time-frequency analysis, harmonic analysis of linear, non-linear or degenerate systems of PDEs.


Wednesday, June 12 
13.30-14.20 Christoph Thiele (Universität Bonn)
14.20-14.35 Break
14.35-15.00 Mikko Salo (University of Jyväskylä)
15.00-15.25 Andreas Rosén (Linköping University and University of Gothenburg)
Thursday, June 13 
13.30-14.20 Alan McIntosh (Australian National University)
14.20-14.35 Break
14.35-15.00 Maria Carmen Reguera (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
15.00-15.25 Tuomas Hytönen (University of Helsinki)
15.25-15.40 Break
15.40-16.05 Kaj Nyström (Uppsala University)
16.05-16.30 Sorina Barza (Karlstad University)

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