Approximation and Related Problems


Anton Baranov (St. Petersburg State University) and Konstantin Fedorovskiy (Bauman Moscow State Technical University)


The scope of this session encompasses various approximation problems in complex and harmonic analysis as well as topics in analysis and PDE, inspired by or related with approximation. The main topics of the session include but are not limited to:

  • Approximation by analytic, harmonic, polyanalytic and polyharmonic functions and by solutions of general elliptic PDE on compact (or closed) subsets of Euclidean spaces.
  • Completeness properties for special systems of functions including eigenfunction families of certain second order differential operators.
  • Rational approximation and related topics.


Monday, June 10


Stephen Gardiner,
University College Dublin

Universal Taylor series and potential theory


Konstantin Fedorovskiy,
Bauman Moscow State
Technical University

Cm-approximation by solutions of elliptic equations


Markus Nieß,
TU Clausthal, Institut für Mathematik

On the behaviour of power series in the absence of Hadamard-Ostrowski gaps


Yurii Belov,

Saint Petersburg State University

Approximation of L2 function on an interval by shifts and exponentials

Tuesday, June 11


Anthony G. O'Farrell
NUI, Maynooth

Some approximation problems


Victor Buslaev
Steklov Mathematical Institute

Convergence of two-point Pade approximants


Alexander Komlov
Steklov Mathematical Institute

On strong asymptotic for two-point Pade approximants


André Boivin
University of Western Ontario

On closed sets of approximation on Riemann surfaces


Pavel Mozolyako,

Saint Petersburg State University

Wavelet approximation of harmonic functions in growth spaces

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