There will be various different tours of Lund for smaller groups on offer in the afternoon of Wednesday, June 12, after the Special Sessions.

Tour of Lund Cathedral

Lund Cathedral is by most counts the most important sacral building in Scandinavia, with a nearly 1000-year history. The guided tour will start Wednesday, June 12, 17:00 from the west portal and cost about SEK 50 per person (to be paid there).

 Tour of Lund Botanical Garden

Lund Botanical Garden has its roots in the 17th century. It is situated in a pleasant park between the Maths Department and the city centre. The tour (weather permitting) will start Wednesday, June 12, 17:00 from the entrance of the Maths Department, there are no extra costs.

Museum of Sketches

This is a lovely and unusual museum close to the Maths Department, featuring sketches, models and outlines of artworks. Wednesday June 12, 17:00 at the museum, cost about SEK 70 per person, with guided tour (to be paid there).

Lund at Dusk

A tour about the history of Lund with a very entertaining and knowledgeable guide (not a mathematician!).

Wednesday June 12, 21:00 from the west portal of the Cathedral, cost about SEK 70 per person (to be paid there).


If you would like to take part in any of the activities above, please send an email with the subject line:

Nordic Congress: Social Programme: (name of activity): (number of participants you want to register)


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