The European Mathematical
AMI-League Tables

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European Mathematical Society

Established on the 27th of May 2002 [ version 1.002, 02 May 2008 ] The AMI (Academic Mobility Index) is the number of academic staff currently working in a given department with their highest academic degree from another university divided by the corresponding total number.

This is a web page collecting links to mathematical
AMI league tables around Europe.
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National AMI League Tables

Austria, AT Bosnia, BA Belgium, BE Bulgaria, BG Belarussia, BY Switzerland, CH Czech Republic, CZ Germany, DE Denmark, DK Estonia, EE Spain, ES Finland, FI France, FR Georgia, GE Greece, GR Croatia, HR Hungary, HU Ireland, IE Iceland, IS Italy, IT Latvia LV Lithuania, LT Luxembourg, LU Moldovia, MD Macedonia, MK Holland, NL Norway, NO Poland, PL Portugal, PT Romania, RO Russia, RU Sweden, SE Slovakia, SK Slovenian, SI Ukrain, UA United Kingdom, UK Yuguslavia, YU