Advanced Numerical Algorithms with Python/Scipy
MCNAcourses ▸ FMNN25/NUMN25 – autumn 2018

Getting Started

It is preferable that you get python with it's scientific libraries installed on your home computer. You will find some help for the installation on our python page. You will also find there some material and links on Python for scientific computing.

For the projects you need to respect the conventions of the Python style guide, may be completed by own style rules formed your group.

Please upload your project answers electronically.
Note: One file per homework (pack several files into an archive file, include the names of all group members in all files).
Make sure that your answer contains all names of the group members who contributed to the solution.
Use this upload link.

Some projects need additional project material, e.g. Assimulo


The course will have three larger programming projects corresponding to the three chapters of the course. Projects 1 and 2 should be worked out in groups by four students. Project 3 is designed for three larger groups. The tasks will be published on this page.

Additional files for the projects

  1. The ChebyQuad problem (Python 3.4 version)