Advanced Numerical Algorithms with Python/Scipy
MCNAcourses ▸ FMNN25/NUMN25 – autumn 2018

Short Description

Course Plan:
English -- Swedish
7,5 points
Claus Führer, Philipp Birken
Teaching Assistants
U, G
Weekly programming assignments. A larger programming project to be carried out in group, with a written report to be presented orally to the rest of the course. Opposition on the report of another group. Compulsory attendance at all oral reports.
Basic course in numerical analysis. Programming experience in some of the languages Java, C,C++,Fortran, Python and Matlab.


Introduction to Python for students already familar with another programming language, the use of object oriented programming in scientific computing, Scipy/Numpy datastructures. Examples of complex numerical algorithms from varying subjects in numerical analysis, Coupling to advanced numerical libraries in C and Fortran (Netlib). Automatic tests in scientific computing. Graphical representation of mathematical results (animation). The use of Python to control system processes. The course may be complemented with special contributions of invited guest teachers.

Course book

The book supporting the Python part of the course is

Führer, Solem, Verdier: Scientific Computing with Python 3, PACKT Publishing

Computing with Python: An Introduction to Python for Science and Engineering

You will also find additional material on our Python home page.


The course is intended as an algorithm oriented complement to most of the basic and specialized courses in numerical analysis, which are focused on analysis of methods. The course emphasizes the coupling between complex numerical algorithms and modern programming languages.