FMN145-Simulation Tools

Credits: 3,0 points (4.5 ECTS)
Instructor: Claus Führer, José Diaz (Dynasim AB)
Grading: U,G
Examination: written report on 3 numerical case studies with MATLAB, MSC.ADAMS and DYMOLA
Prerequisites: Basic Course in Numerical Analysis (e.g. FMN081) and/or Numerical Methods Methods for Differential Equations (FMN130)

Content:  We focus on  two typical  simulation tools, one special purpose for applications in mechanis and  one  based on a general purpose
simulation language MODELICA:. Three areas from numerical analysis:  treatment of ordinary differential equations (nonstiff, stiff, highly oscillatory), differential algebraic equations (systems with constraints) and ordinary differential equations with discontinuities are covered. Equation oriented
experiments  in MATLAB are  oposed to  model oriented  experiments with the above mentioned tools.  Critical interpretation of the result,
discussion of quality  and performance of the numerical process will be the focus of those experiments.

Goal:  This course situated at the transition between basic mathematics courses and more applied engineering courses intends to demonstrate the participants how mathematical methods are represented on different levels of industrial comptational tools. The focus is on ordinary differential equations, nonlinear equations and eigenvalue computations in these tools. Exampels for industrial tools are ADAMS  for mechanical system simulation and DYMOLA for general system simulation.

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