FMN135 / NUMN13 -  Adaptive Finite Element Methods

locally refined mesh

Credits: 7,5 ECTS points
Instructor: Achim Schroll
Grading: U,3,4,5
Examination: Assignments and evtl. oral exam
Prerequisites: Basic numerical analysis

Content: Galerkin- and FE approximation, error estimates for output functionals via duality, goal oriented mesh adaption and practical aspects. Applications: Eigenvalue problems, time dependent PDEs (heat equation, wave equation), applications in structural and fluid mechanics.

Goal: To understand goal oriented, adaptive numerics and to experience the Wilkinson prize winning library deal.lI.

Schedule: Mondays 8:30-10 and Fridays 15:15-17 in MH:333.

Assignments: Installing deal.II / Set 1 / Set 2

Literature: W. Bangerth, R. Rannacher: Adaptive Finte Element Methods for Differential Equations, Lectures in Mathematics ETH Zurich, Birkhäuser, 2003.

Software: deal.II / documentation / tutorial