MCNAcourses ▸ FMN050 – spring term 2017

Preliminary Schedule - VT 2017

Eskil Hansen: EH, Alexandro Sopasakis: AS 
(L = lecture, E = Exercise) 
Note: lecture rooms change! Please consult TimeEdit!!! 
20/3 EH 	L	Intro, Fixed point iteration 
23/3 AS 	L	Newton's method 
24/3 EH 	L	Linear systems I 

27/3 AS		L	Matlab intro
27/3 EH		E	Nonlinear equation solving
29/3 EH 	L	Linear systems II 
30/3 EH 	L	Interpolation I 					
31/3 EH 	L	Interpolation II

3/4  EH   	L	Numerical Integration I		Project 1 published
3/4  EH		E	Linear systems
6/4  EH		L 	Numerical integration II
7/4  AS		L	Least squares 

w15-16	Easter

24/4 AS		L	Project solution session	Project 1 hand in
24/4 EH		E	Numerical integration
26/4 EH 	L	Numerical differentiation
27/4 EH		L	Boundary value problems I
28/4 EH		L	Boundary value problems II

2/5  AS		L	Applications of BVP		Project 2 published
2/5  EH		E	Boundary value problems	
4/5  EH		L	Initial value problems I 
5/5  EH		L	Initial value problems II

8/5  AS		L	FFT 1
8/5  EH		E	Initial value problems 
10/5 AS		L	FFT 2
11/5 EH		L	Applications of IVP
12/5 EH		L	Approximation of eigenvalues			

15/5 AS 	L	Project solutionsession		Project 2 hand in
15/5 EH		E	Exam question hour(s) 
18/5 EH 	L	Course summary
19/5 EH 	L	Course summary