MCNAcourses ▸ FMN050 – spring term 2017

Note: each team must hand in the Project electronically, before the deadline, via email to


Exercises and regular homework is not to be collected or graded.
Projects are collected on the scheduled dates and feedback will be provided via email to each team.
The final exam will be based on topics raised in class, the projects and the homework.

Structure of your Project hand-ins

‣ First page must include names of students on team, title and date.
‣ Keep text short. The important parts are your solutions, results and conclusions.
‣ Include plots with your results (if possible).
‣ Most questions will be answered during the solution session in the classroom. You may ask questions within your project as well. If you have questions try to electronically highlight/underline them within your assignment. In that case, be clear, consise and short.

How you should work with the projects

‣You may use Matlab (or even python) for the projects.
‣Work in teams of 3 to 4 students.
‣The projects are an integral part of the course. You won't understand the material without this practical component. But note, we don't grade them and don't record your activity. It is your responsibilty to solve the problems in time if you wish to receive feedback.
‣Hand in your results, even if you did not fully succeed on some of the problems. In this case formulate your questions and describe the problems you had. You should also add the code if it helps to clarify your question.
‣Never hand in only code! We won't run it nor make comments on it.


Consultation hours for exercises or projects: Mondays 10-12 at E:3308 or E:1149 (see TimeEdit). You might want to bring your laptop for your programming related questions.