Hotel reservations can be made individually (by e-mail, fax to the hotels, see below). Room rates are given in Swedish Kronor (SEK) and are valid per room and night, including breakfast buffet, service and a 12% VAT . Your hotel bill must be settled directly with the hotel.

The following hotels are located in the city centre and university area. Please inform the hotel “Numerical Analysis conference” when you make the reservation as we have made preliminary block reservations of rooms.

Grand Hotel, Bantorget 1, SE-221 04 Lund, phone: +46 46-2806100, fax: +46 46-2806150. The walls at Grand hotel tell of history and proud tradition. Nice first class hotel.
Single room 1045-1295 SEK, double room 1795 SEK

Hotel Concordia: Stålbrogatan 1, SE-222 24 Lund, phone +46 46-135050, fax: +46 46-137422. A modern convenient, totally renovated, hundred-year-old cultural house in the center.
Single room 795 SEK, double room 895 SEK

Hotel Ahlström: Skomakaregatan 3, SE-223 50 Lund, phone: +46 46-2110174, fax: +46
Single room 545 SEK, double room 645 SEK Little family hotel with only 12 beds. If you want this hotel please make a early reservation (latest 31 May).

Hotel Sparta: Tunavägen 39, SE-223 63 Lund, phone: +46 46-191600, fax: +46 46-128525. Tourist  class hotel near university area.
Single room 516 SEK, double room 725 SEK

Special accommodation: Häckeberga Castle, SE-240-13 Genarp, phone: +46 40-480440, fax: +46 40-480402,
A castle only 30 minutes from Lund. Car is required

Check also the complete list of Lund's hotels and rooms and the site of Lund's Tourist office for more information.

If you need any special assistance, please contact the conference secratary (