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December 21
New Homepage released.
New release of WAFO is coming soon.....
October 5
New design of homepage.
October 4
New mexfiles for Matlab 2007a on PC-platform
Matlab has changed the way mex-files work in Matlab2007a. The precompiled mex-files included in WAFO do only work for Matlab2006 and below. Thus the files has to be compiled again. The compiled mexfiles for matlab 2007a and PC-platform can be downloaded
New WAFO logo designed by Fredrik Hermansen FFI with assistance from Per A Brodtkorb and Jörg Wegener
April 26-27
Hands on course in WAFO, computational tools for wave
April 25
Dissertation for WAFO co-worker Sofia Åberg, thesis: 'Applications of Rice's Formula in Oceanographic and Environmental Problems'.
January 1'st
Per A. Brodtkorb starts on Post-doc within SEAMOCS in Lund and will among other things work on updating WAFO.


October 6
WAFO version 2.1.1 released.
August 16
WAFO was presented in the software session at the EVA 2005 meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden.
August 18
Cécile Mercadier, Toulouse, presents a toolbox that computes distribution of the maximum for one- and two-parameter Gaussian processes using WAFO-routine rind.m. The MAGP toolbox can be downloaded at http://math.univ-lyon1.fr/~mercadier/MAGP/.


November 29
Dissertation for WAFO co-worker Per A Brodtkorb, thesis: 'The Probability of Occurrence of Dangerous Wave Situations at Sea'.
May 28
Dissertation for WAFO co-worker A Baxevani, thesis: 'Modelling Sea Surface Dynamics Using Crossing Distributions'.
April 7
WAFO version 2.1.0 released:
  • Major changes concern Chapter 3 in the tutorial. Calls there are not valid anymore.
  • A new HTML based documentation is available, with for example cross references between calls of functions. This is found in the module wafodoc.
  • For PC Windows, the executable programs have been replaced by mex files (these have not been compiled for other systems).


October 3
A new version of the routine RIND presented by P.A. Brodtkorb at a seminar in Lund.
June 14
WAFO version 2.0.5 released.


June 11
Dissertation for WAFO co-worker U Machado, thesis: 'Statistical Analysis of non-Gaussian Environmental Loads and Responses'.
March 1
Dissertation for WAFO co-worker J Rydén, thesis: 'Statistical Analysis of Crests and Maxima in Gaussian Seas'.


August 21
Some new routines (see the page for bug reports) and a number of revised files.
June 28
Three new routines (see the page for bug reports) and a number of revised files.
June 19
Examples from the tutorial now displayed on the Internet: check the demos pages.
May 4
Documentation of all routines on the Internet in a frame-based representation. Advantage: cross references between files are given by this tool (also found as a link from the documention page).
April 23
Homepage with links established on the Internet.
April 12
Presentation at the Internet reorganized.
April 11
WAFO ver 2.0.4 released.
March 26
A new version will most probably appear April 10-11. Please send in suggestions and remarks before April 9.


December 6
Improvements in the Fortran routines used in trgauss/ have been made. For Unix users, the files have been compiled on the platforms sol2 and alpha. Among the new features is the possibility to choose negative values of the parameter NIT, which means that number theoretical methods are used for integration.
Find the directories exec/sol2 and exec/alpha as compressed files at the page for Bugs.
November 11
Updated versions of the modules wstats/ and wavemodels. Find compressed files to download at the page for Bugs.
Online documentation of the modules available.
October 19
Many improvements have been made in the modules cycles/ and wstats/. Revised versions can be downloaded at the page for Bugs.
October 1
WAFO co-workers Per Andreas Brodtkorb, Eva Sjö, and Martin Sköld got new employments. We wish them good luck!
July 13
WAFO ver 2.0.3 released.
July 11
WAFO connected to a network of free Matlab toolboxes, MatLinks.
July 10
WAFO ver 2.0.2 released.
July 6
WAFO ver 2.0.1 released. A tutorial released. A web site with new design official.
July 5
Versions compressed for Unix and PC/Windows. Executable files separated from ascii files.