Software for scientific computation

MatLinks Other free-software toolboxes for use with Matlab or GNU Octave
Mathtools.net  A technical-computing portal
Penn State Dept of Mathemathics Fortran routines, miscellaneous links
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)  Collected algorithms
GUI for manipulating slices and isosurfaces over a volume.


Statistics software

MAGP Maximum Analysis for Gaussian Processes.
Statistical Science Web Links to statistical packages; free software, commercial software
StatLib Statistical software, datasets, and information
StixBox A statistics toolbox for Matlab, including i.a. bootstrap routines
Xtremes Group Statistical analysis of extreme values

Software for oceanographic applications

Mathtools.net, oceanography List of toolboxes for geographics and oceanographics
SEA-MAT Matlab tools for oceanographic analysis
Home page of Leon E. Borgman Matlab toolboxes for applications in oceanography
Home page of Rich Pawlowicz Matlab toolboxes for applications in oceanography

Fortran links

The Fortran Company Free software F77, F90
Alan Millers F90 website Software for statistical calculations
Home page of Alan Genz Fortran routines for numerical computation of multivariate normal integrals
Fortran 90 for the Fortran 77 programmer An excellent text-book

Weather and sea-state links

Data archives

National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC) Coastal and ocean data
Satellite Observing Systems Sea-state information around the world
Arctic System Science (ARCSS) Data sets from many fields, e.g. ocean temperature, climate modelling, ...

Wave height forecasts

International Meteorology Wave heights and directions around the world
FNMOC Wave heights, surface temperature
FargisNet Weather and sea forecasts
Sigling, Iceland Weather and sea-state information


Miscellaneous links

GNU General Public License On licenses for free software
Numerical Recipes Find the books on-line