Frequently Asked Questions

Here you get answers to frequently asked questions about WAFO. It is intended as a supplement to the manual.

If you have comments, corrections or questions not answered here nor in the manual, please send it to the WAFO group.

Does WAFO work on Octave?

WAFO is not written to be compatible with Octave (http://www.gnu.org/software/octave/) and at present many functions does not work with Octave. However,  from release 2008, WAFO will use function handles and custom classes which are not compatible with Octave version 2.9.14. Hopefully in the future Octave will support nested functions and custom classes so that WAFO can be made compatible with it.

Are there any tests that can be run automatically to check that the installation is OK?

Yes. The scripts making the figures in the manual are available for testing. The scripts are located in the WAFO\papers\tutorcom\ directory.


I have a computer not supported on the download page. Can I still use WAFO?

Yes, but you have to compile the MEX-files and Fortran executables again. How to do that is described on the download page.

Where can I find information about the spectrum models available in WAFO

A description of the most important model spectra contained in WAFO is given here:


which is an excerpt from the thesis:

P. A. Brodtkorb (2004),
"The probability of Occurrence of dangerous Wave Situations at Sea".
 Dr.Ing thesis, Norwegian University of Science and Technolgy, NTNU,
 Trondheim, Norway.

Who made the WAFO logo?

Fredrik Hermansen from FFI, Horten Norway made the first draft. The final logo was finished by Per A. Brodtkorb with assistance from Jürg Wegener.