WAFO Downloads

Wafo ver 2017, December 2017

Wafo updated to Matlab 2017b is available as Wafo, ver 2017 , together with tutorials Wafo tutorial and Wafo Lagrange tutorial .

WAFO Version 2.6-beta, 13-Jan-2016

An updated version of Wafo, called Wafo Version 2.6 , is available for downloading. It includes a new module (lagrange) for generation and analysis of Gauss-Lagrange and second order Stokes-Lagrange waves.

WAFO Version 2.5, 07-Feb-2011

The WAFO 2.5 release, including new executable files for Windows on 32- and 64-bit platforms, can be downloaded from WAFO at Google.

WAFO Version 2.1.1, 06-Oct-2005

On this page you can always download the latest version of WAFO, currently Version 2.1.1, 06-Oct-2005. It is also possible to download older versions of WAFO.

Downloading m-files and other ascii files

All ascii files are downloadable as a compressed file. Information on how to unpack the compressed files, specify correct directories, paths etc. is given in wafo-2.1.1_install.txt.

WAFO, compressed file: wafo-2.1.1.zip (Compr. 22.2 MB)

Downloading executable files

The executable files are separated from the other files. Compiled versions exist for the computer types pcwin, sol2 and alpha (type lower(computer) at the Matlab prompt to find out your computer type). For these versions, just download the compressed files below. The directory with the .exe-files should be placed as a subdirectory to exec/ in WAFO.

pcwin wafo-2.1.0-2.1.1_pcwin.zip (Compr. 3.2 MB)
sol2 wafo-2.1.0-2.1.1_sol2.tar.gz (Compr. 1.0 MB)
alpha wafo-2.1.0-2.1.1_alpha.tar.gz (Compr. 1.2 MB)
linux Ubuntu 7.04 wafo-2.1.1_ubuntu7.04.tar.gz(Compr. 3.5MB)


Matlab has changed the way mex-files work in Matlab2007a. The precompiled mex-files included in WAFO do only work for Matlab2006 and below. Thus the files has to be compiled again.
The compiled mexfiles for matlab 2007a and PC-platform can be downloaded here.
Unzip it to a suitable folder and move the following mexfiles:
csort to directory WAFO/misc
findcross, findrfc to WAFO/onedim
and the remaining mexfiles to the WAFO/trgauss/private.
If the functions still do not work, try to rename the extension from ".mexw32" to ".dll" for all these compiled mexfiles.

 Compiling the executable files

In case of another computer type, you need to compile, after downloading, the source code (Fortran 90). These files are found in the WAFO directory called source in the wafo-2.1.1.zip-file. How to compile the executables are described in compilationwafo2.1.1.txt. For your convenience you could use this makefile. For details on compilation, please contact Igor Rychlik.

Getting started

If you have succeeded in downloading WAFO and have set out paths to the correct directories as described in wafo-2.1.1_install.txt, you may start Matlab. Type at the Matlab prompt initwafo (or initwafo('full')). Then type wafomenu, and you will get a first introduction to WAFO. The command help wafo gives an overview of all modules in WAFO; help fatigue gives particular information about fatigue-related modules and routines; and help wstats gives information about the statistics module of WAFO.

On the WAFO documentation page you can download the WAFO tutorial and find an overview of modules in WAFO.

A course for industry was held in Lund 18-19 January 2000. The command itmkurs initiates the routines related to the course.