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Module WSIM in WAFO Toolbox.


This is a script file.


  Module WSIM in WAFO Toolbox.  
  Version 2.1.1   07-Sep-2005  
  cov2csdat       - Generates conditionally simulated values  
  cov2sdat        - Simulates a Gaussian process and its derivative  
  disufq          - Return difference- and sum-frequency effects. 
  duffsim         - Generates a sample path of a harmonic oscillator  
  lc2sdat         - Generates process with given irreg. factor and cross. spectrum  
  mcsim           - Simulates a Markov chain.  
  mctpsim         - Simulates a Markov chain of turning points  
  rfm2dtp         - Reconstructs a sequence of turning points from a rainflow matrix 
  sarmasim        - Simulates a switching ARMA-process.  
  seamovie        - Makes a movie of a 2D (x,t) or 3D (x,y,t) simulated sea  
  seasim          - Spectral simulation of a Gaussian sea, 2D (x,t) or 3D (x,y,t)  
  smcsim          - Simulates a Switching Markov chain with state space.  
  smctpsim        - Simulates a switching Markov chain of turning points,  
  spec2linspec    - Separates the linear component of the Spectrum  
  spec2nlsdat     - Simulates a Randomized 2nd order non-linear wave X(t)  
  spec2sdat       - Simulates a Gaussian process and its derivative from spectrum


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Mathematical Statistics
Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Lund University with Lund Institute of Technology

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