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Module WDEMOS in WAFO Toolbox.


This is a script file.


  Module WDEMOS in WAFO Toolbox. 
  Version 2.1.1   07-Sep-2005 
  democc         - A program for visualization of cycle counts in random 
  democc_markmax - Plots load and marks a maximum 
  democc_mmdef   - Illustrates the definition of min-max cycles. 
  democc_plotmat - Plots RFC and min-max counts. 
  democc_rfcdef  - Illustrates the definition of rainflow cycles. 
  democc_tpdef   - Illustrates the definition of turning points. 
  itmkursitmkurs        - Initiate paths for Demo Load and Fatigue Analysis 
  rfcdemo1rfcdemo1       - Demo for switching AR(1)-processes. 
  rfcdemo2       - Rainflow matrix for Switching Markov Chains of Turning Points.
  See also  papers/tutorcom, papers/wafodemo
  For initiation of module PAPERS type


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Mathematical Statistics
Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Lund University with Lund Institute of Technology

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