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 bvnormcdf Bivariate Normal cumulative distribution function
 bvnormprb Bivariate Normal probability
 cdf2tr Estimate transformation, g, from observed CDF.
 chitwo2lc_sorm SORM-approximation of the crossing intensity for the noncentral Chi^2 process
 chitwo2lc_sp Saddlepoint approximation of the crossing intensity for the noncentral Chi^2 process
 Contents Module TRGAUSS in WAFO Toolbox.
 createpdf PDF class constructor
 dat2gaus Transforms x using the transformation g.
 dat2tr Estimate transformation, g, from data.
 dirsp2chitwo gives parameters in non-central CHI-TWO process for directional Stokes waves.
 gaus2dat Transforms xx using the inverse of transformation g.
 hermitetr Calculate transformation, g, proposed by Winterstein
 initoptions Initializes RIND options according to speed.
 iter Calculates a Markov matrix given a rainflow matrix
 iter_mc Calculates a kernel of a MC given a rainflow matrix
 lc2tr Estimate transformation, g, from observed crossing intensity.
 lc2tr2 Estimate transformation, g, from observed crossing intensity, version2.
 lomaxcdf CDF for local maxima for a zero-mean Gaussian process
 mc2rfc Calculates a rainflow matrix given a Markov chain with kernel f_xy;
 mctp2rfc Rainflow matrix given a Markov matrix of a Markov chain of turning points
 mctp2tc Frequencies of upcrossing troughs and crests using Markov chain of turning points.
 mctrtest Test if a stochastic process is Gaussian.
 mvnormpcprb Multivariate Normal probabilities with product correlation
 mvnormprb Multivariate Normal probability by Genz' algorithm.
 mvnortpcprb Multivariate normal or student T probability with product correlation structure.
 nt2fr Calculates the frequency matrix given the counting distribution matrix.
 ochitr Calculates transformation, g, proposed by Ochi et al.
 pdfplot Plot contents of pdf structures
 Readme Readme file for module TRGAUSS in WAFO Toolbox.
 rind Computes multivariate normal expectations
 rindoptset Create or alter RIND OPTIONS structure.
 spec2AcAt Evaluates survival function R(h1,h2)=P(Ac>h1,At>h2).
 spec2Acdf Evaluates cdf of crests P(Ac<=h) or troughs P(At<=h).
 spec2cmat Joint intensity matrix for cycles (max,min)-, rainflow- and (crest,trough)
 spec2mmtpdf Calculates joint density of Maximum, minimum and period.
 spec2skew Estimates the moments of 2'nd order non-linear waves
 spec2tccpdf Evaluates densities of wave period Tcc, wave lenght Lcc.
 spec2thpdf Joint density of amplitude and period/wave-length characteristics
 spec2tpdf Evaluates densities for crest-,trough-period, length.
 spec2tpdf2 Evaluates densities for various wave periods or wave lengths
 specq2lc Saddlepoint approximation of the crossing intensity for the quadratic sea.
 th2vhpdf Transform joint T-H density to V-H density
 trangood Makes a transformation that is suitable for efficient transforms.
 tranproc Transforms process X and up to four derivatives
 trmak Put together a transformation object.
 troptset Create or alter TRANSFORM OPTIONS structure.
 trplot Plots transformation, g, eg. estimated with dat2tr.
 trunmak Split a transformation object into its pieces.

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