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 Contents Module SPEC in WAFO Toolbox.
 cov2spec Computes spectral density given the auto covariance function
 covinterp Interpolation of covariance function and derivatives
 createcov Covariance class constructor
 createspec Spectrum structure constructor
 demospec Loads a precreated spectrum of chosen type
 dspec2char Evaluates directional spectral characteristics
 freqtype returns the frequency type of a Spectral density struct.
 getjonswappeakedness Peakedness factor Gamma given Hm0 and Tp for JONSWAP
 jonswap Calculates (and plots) a JONSWAP spectral density
 k2w Translates from wave number to frequency
 lagtype Returns the lag type of a Covariance struct.
 mccormick Calculates (and plots) a McCormick spectral density.
 mkdspec Make a directional spectrum
 ohspec Calculates (and plots) a Ochi-Hubble spectral density.
 ohspec2 Calculates and plots a bimodal Ochi-Hubble spectral density
 ohspec3 Calculates Bimodal Ochi-Hubble spectral densities
 oscspec Spectral density for a harmonic oscillator
 phi1 factor for transforming spectra to finite water depth spectra
 pmspec Calculates (and plots) a Pierson-Moskowitz spectral density.
 Readme Readme file for module SPEC in WAFO Toolbox
 rotspec Rotate spectrum anti-clockwise around the origin.
 scalespec Scale spectral density so that the moments equals m0,m2.
 spec2bw Evaluates some spectral bandwidth and irregularity factors
 spec2char Evaluates spectral characteristics and their covariance
 spec2cov Computes covariance function and its derivatives
 spec2cov2 Computes covariance function and its derivatives, alternative version
 spec2dt Computes sampling interval from Nyquist frequency in spectrum
 spec2mom Calculates spectral moments from spectrum
 spec2spec Transforms between different types of spectra
 specinterp Interpolation and zero-padding of spectrum
 spreading Directional spreading functions
 tmaspec Calculates a JONSWAP spectral density for finite water depth
 torsethaugen Calculates a double peaked (swell + wind) spectrum
 ttspec Toggle Transform between angular frequency and frequency spectrum
 w2k Translates from frequency to wave number
 wallop Calculates (and plots) a Wallop spectral density.
 wnormspec Normalize a spectral density such that m0=m2=1
 wspecplot Plot a spectral density

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