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Module SPEC in WAFO Toolbox.


This is a script file.


 Module SPEC in WAFO Toolbox.  
 Version 2.1.1   07-Sep-2005  
    readme - Readme file for module SPEC in WAFO Toolbox  
 Model spectra 
  demospec     - Loads a precreated spectrum of chosen type  
  getjonswappeakedness - Peakedness factor Gamma given Hm0 and Tp for JONSWAP 
  jonswap      - Calculates (and plots) a JONSWAP spectral density  
  mccormick    - Calculates (and plots) a McCormick spectral density.  
  ohspec       - Calculates (and plots) a Ochi-Hubble spectral density.  
  ohspec2      - Calculates and plots a bimodal Ochi-Hubble spectral density  
  ohspec3      - Calculates Bimodal Ochi-Hubble spectral densities  
  oscspec      - Spectral density for a harmonic oscillator  
  phi1         - Factor for transforming spectra to finite water depth spectra  
  pmspec       - Calculates (and plots) a Pierson-Moskowitz spectral density.  
  tmaspec      - Calculates a JONSWAP spectral density for finite water depth  
  torsethaugen - Calculates a double peaked (swell + wind) spectrum  
  wallop       - Calculates (and plots) a Wallop spectral density.  
 Directional spectra and spreading functions 
  mkdspec      - Make a directional spectrum  
  spreading    - Directional spreading functions  
 Spectral characteristics 
  dspec2char   - Evaluates directional spectral characteristics  
  spec2bw      - Evaluates some spectral bandwidth and irregularity factors  
  spec2char    - Evaluates spectral characteristics and their covariance  
  spec2mom     - Calculates spectral moments from spectrum  
 Spectrum and covariance functions 
  cov2spec     - Computes spectral density given the auto covariance function  
  covinterp    - Interpolation of covariance function and derivatives  
  createcov    - Covariance class constructor  
  createspec   - Spectrum structure constructor  
  freqtype     - Returns the frequency type of a Spectral density struct.  
  lagtype      - Returns the lag type of a Covariance struct. 
  rotspec      - Rotate spectrum anti-clockwise around the origin.  
  scalespec    - Scale spectral density so that the moments equals m0,m2.  
  spec2cov     - Computes covariance function and its derivatives  
  spec2cov2    - Computes covariance function and its derivatives, alternative version 
  spec2dt      - Computes sampling interval from Nyquist frequency in spectrum  
  spec2spec    - Transforms between different types of spectra  
  specinterp   - Interpolaton and zero-padding of spectrum  
  ttspec       - Toggle Transform between angular frequency and frequency spectrum  
  wnormspec    - Normalize a spectral density such that m0=m2=1 (private)  
  wspecplot    - Plot a spectral density  
 Dispersion relation 
  k2w          - Translates from wave number to frequency  
  w2k          - Translates from frequency to wave number


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