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 Contents Paper REC in WAFO Toolbox.
 recdemo Show Rec figures with point and click interface
 recfig callback implementing functions of RecDemo
 recfig1 Location of Gullfaks C and Statfjord A platforms in The North Sea
 recfig10 Joint distribution of V and H:
 recfig11 Probability of exceeding H: Model (dash); data (dots)
 recfig12 Probability of exceeding V: Model (dash); data (dots)
 recfig13 The conditional probability of exceeding V given H: Model (dash); data (dots)
 recfig2 10 minutes mean values of wind (dash) and direction (solid)
 recfig3 Example of the reconstructed (solid) and original data set (pluses)
 recfig4 Estimated spectral density (solid) and 95% confidence intervals (dots)
 recfig5 Transfer function, g, versus the crossing level u
 recfig6 Variability of simulated e(g(u)-u) (circles)
 recfig7 Estimated Weibull scale parameter versus h=H/Hrms (circles)
 recfig8 Estimated Weibull shape parameter versus h=H/Hrms (circles)
 recfig9 Conditional mean (solid, circle) and standard deviation (dash,cross) of V given H:
 recinit setup all global variables of the RECDEMO
 recintro Info about RECDEMO: A statistical procedure for reconstruction of 1D signals.
 recleanup Clears global variables defined and used by the RECDEMO

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Mathematical Statistics
Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Lund University with Lund Institute of Technology

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