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 Contents Module ONEDIM in WAFO Toolbox.
 covplot Plots the auto covariance function (ACF) 1D or 2D.
 dat2cor Estimate auto correlation function from data.
 dat2cov Estimate auto covariance function from data.
 dat2crossind Finds indices to level v down and/or upcrossings from data
 dat2lc Extracts level-crossing spectrum from data,
 dat2midind Finds indices to midpoints between a min and Max and Max and min.
 dat2spec Estimate one-sided spectral density from data.
 dat2spec2 Estimate one-sided spectral density, version 2.
 dat2steep Extracts waveheights and steepnesses from data.
 dat2tc Extracts troughs and crests from data.
 dat2tp Extracts turning points from data,
 dat2wa Extracts sequence of wavelengths from data.
 detrendma Removes a trend from data using a moving average
 ecross Extracts exact level v crossings
 findcross Finds indices to level v up and downcrossings of a vector MEX
 findextrema Finds indices to minima and maxima of data
 findoutliers Finds the indices to spurious points in a timeseries
 findrfc Finds indices to rainflow cycles of a sequence of TP. MEX
 hs2sign Calculates a ratio-significant value of a histogram.
 lcplot Plots level-crossing spectrum (lc)
 mm2lc Extracts level-crossing spectrum from min2Max cycles.
 Readme Readme file for module ONEDIM in WAFO Toolbox.
 reconstruct reconstruct the spurious/missing points of timeseries
 spwaveplot Plots specified waves from a timeseries
 vc2sign Calculates ratio-significant value of the input vector.
 waveplot Plots the surface elevation of timeseries.

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