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Module ONEDIM in WAFO Toolbox.


This is a script file.


  Module ONEDIM in WAFO Toolbox.  
  Version 2.1.1  07-Sep-2005  
  Readme       - Readme file for module ONEDIM in WAFO Toolbox.  
  detrendma    - Removes a trend from data using a moving average  
  findoutliers - Finds the indices to spurious points in a timeseries 
  reconstruct  - Reconstruct the spurious/missing points of timeseries 
  covplot      - Plots auto covariance function (ACF) 1D or 2D.  
  lcplot       - Plots level-crossing spectrum (lc)  
  spwaveplot   - Plots specified waves from a timeseries   
  waveplot     - Plots surface elevation of timeseries.  
  Autocovariance and spectrum estimation 
  dat2cor      - Estimate auto correlation function from data. 
  dat2cov      - Estimate auto covariance function from data. 
  dat2spec     - Estimate one-sided spectral density from data 
  dat2spec2    - Estimate one-sided spectral density, version 2.  
  Data extraction 
  dat2crossind - Finds indices of down and/or upcrossings from data. 
  dat2lc       - Extracts level-crossing spectrum from data. 
  dat2steep    - Extracts waveheights and steepnesses from data.  
  dat2tc       - Extracts troughs and crests from data.  
  dat2tp       - Extracts turning points from data.  
  dat2wa       - Extracts sequence of wavelengths from data.  
  ecross       - Extracts exact level v crossings. 
  findcross    - Finds indices to level v up and downcrossings of a vector  
  findextrema  - Finds indices to minima and maxima of data. 
  findrfc      - Finds indices to rainflow cycles from sequence of TP.  
  mm2lc        - Extracts level-crossing spectrum from min2Max cycles.


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Mathematical Statistics
Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Lund University with Lund Institute of Technology

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