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Matlab files in this directory:

 binom calculates the binomial coefficient n!/((n-m)!*m!)
 ccquad Numerical integration using a Clenshaw-Curtis quadrature.
 choices Create a list of choices with uicontrols and callbacks.
 choicex Close a list of choices.
 clevels Extract the contour levels from the contour matrix
 cltext Places contour level text in the current window
 comnsize Check if all input arguments are either scalar or of common size.
 Contents Module MISC in WAFO Toolbox.
 convlv Convolves real data set with a response function.
 csort Counting sorting MEX
 fcolorbar Display colorbar with discrete color axis for filled contour plot
 figtext Places text in figure window.
 findpeaks find peaks of vector or matrix possibly rainflow filtered
 fwaitbar Fast display of wait bar.
 gaussq Numerically evaluates a integral using a Gauss quadrature.
 gaussq2d Numerically evaluates a 2D integral using Gauss quadrature.
 genchol Generalized Cholesky factorization
 geth1line Extracts the first comment line (the H1 line) of a m-file
 gravity returns the constant acceleration of gravity
 hypgf Hypergeometric function F(a,b,c,x)
 levels Calculates discrete levels given the parameter matrix.
 loaddata Loads a matrix from a text file.
 maximizefigs Maximize figure(s) window size
 mkcontents Makes Contents file in current working directory.
 parseoptions Create or alter a OPTIONS structure.
 qrule compute abscissas and weight factors for Gaussian quadratures
 qrule2d compute abscissas and weight factors for Gaussian quadratures
 readme Readme file for module MISC in WAFO Toolbox
 savgol Savitzky-Golay filter coefficients.
 simpson Numerical integration with the Simpson method
 sinc Sin(pi*x)/(pi*x) function.
 smooth Calculates a smoothing spline.
 wafostamp Prints a caption "made by WAFO" in current figure.
 wafoversion Wave Analysis for Fatigue and Oceanography version.
 wdensity Returns the water density

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