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Module MISC in WAFO Toolbox.


This is a script file.


  Module MISC in WAFO Toolbox. 
  Version 2.1.1   15-Sep-2005 
  readme      - Readme file for module MISC in WAFO Toolbox 
  binom       - Calculates the binomial coefficient n!/((n-m)!*m!) 
  csort       - Counting sorting
  findpeaks   - Find peaks of vector or matrix possibly rainflow filtered 
  genchol     - Generalized Cholesky factorization
  hypgf       - Hypergeometric function F(a,b,c,z) 
  sinc        - Sin(pi*x)/(pi*x) function. 
  smooth      - Calculates a smoothing spline. 
  Oceanographic constants
  gravity     - Returns the constant acceleration of gravity 
  wdensity    - Returns the water density 
  ccquad      - Numerical integration using a Clenshaw-Curtis quadrature. 
  gaussq      - Numerically evaluates a integral using a Gauss quadrature. 
  gaussq2d    - Numerically evaluates a 2D integral using Gauss quadrature. 
  qrule       - Compute abscissas and weight factors for Gaussian quadratures 
  qrule2d     - Compute abscissas and weight factors for Gaussian quadratures 
  simpson     - Numerical integration with the Simpson method 
  Plotting utilities
  clevels     - Extract the contour levels from the contour matrix
  cltext      - Places contour level text in the current window 
  fcolorbar   - Display color bar with discrete color axis for filled contour plot.
  fwaitbar    - Fast display of wait bar.
  figtext     - Places text in figure window. 
  maximizefigs- Maximize figure(s) window size
  wafostamp   - Prints a caption "made by WAFO" in current figure. 
  Documentation utilities
  geth1line   - Extracts the first comment line (the H1 line) of a m-file 
  mkcontents  - Makes Contents file in current working directory. 
  wafoversion - Wave Analysis for Fatigue and Oceanography version.
  choices     - Create a list of choices with uicontrols and callbacks.
  choicex     - Close a list of choices.
  comnsize    - Check if all input arguments are either scalar or of common size.
  levels      - Calculates discrete levels given the parameter matrix. 
  loaddata    - Loads a matrix from a text file. 
  parseoptions- Create or alter a OPTIONS structure


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Mathematical Statistics
Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Lund University with Lund Institute of Technology

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