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 aboutwafo WAFO is a Matlab toolbox for analysis of random waves
 addfeatr How To Add New Features to WAFO
 ampdef wave heights and amplitude definitions and nomenclature
 bugreport Bug Report Form for WAFO
 Contents DOCS MODULE in WAFO Toolbox
 crossdef level v crossing definitions and nomenclature
 datastructures of spectrum, covariance function and density (pdf) in WAFO
 getstart ideas for getting started with WAFO
 install Installation description of WAFO Toolbox
 limitations (+) WAFO known limitations
 perioddef wave periods (lengths) definitions and nomenclature
 startup example startup file to put in your matlab path
 tpdef turning points definitions and numenclature
 wafohelp Launch HTML help for the WAFO Toolbox.
 wafomenu displays a user interface to the documentation files of WAFO
 wafoweb World Wide Web site of the WAFO Toolbox.
 wavedef Wave definitions and nomenclature

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