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Module DATA in WAFO Toolbox


This is a script file.


  Module DATA in WAFO Toolbox 
  Version 2.1.1   07-Sep-2005 
  atlantic - Significant wave-height data recorded in the Atlantic Ocean 
  gfaks89  - Surface elevation measured at Gullfaks C 24.12.1989 
  gfaksr89 - Reconstructed surface elevation measured at Gullfaks C 24.12.1989. 
  japansea - Coastline map of The Japan Sea. 
  northsea - Coastline map of The Northsea. 
  sea      - Surface elevation dataset used in WAT version 1.1. 
  sfa89    - Wind measurements at Statfjord A 24.12.1989 
  sn       - Fatigue experiment, constant-amplitude loading. 
  yura87   - Surface elevation measured off the coast of Yura.


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Mathematical Statistics
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