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Readme file for WAFO Toolbox - Wave Analysis for Fatigue and Oceanography


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 README Readme file for WAFO Toolbox - Wave Analysis for Fatigue and Oceanography 
  Version 2.1.1   07-Sep-2005
    o Some minor bugfixes in the fatigue part. 
    o Removed all ':' from the 'See also' lines in all m-files, because
      the ':' obstructed the possibility for clicking on the links in the
      'See also' line in matlab 7. 
    o Many new wavemodels are available in the WAVEMODELS directory.
    o Some minor bugfixes in WSTATS, SPEC, KDETOOLS DATA and MISC
    o The HTML based documentation can be launched from matlab by typing
    o New functions for computing level crossings for noncentral Chi^2
      processes in TRGAUSS directory.
    o Some new functions in the CYCLES and WSIM directories
  Version 2.1.0   07-Apr-2004
  WAFO has been upgraded. Major changes concern Chapter 3 in the 
  tutorial. The calls there are not valid anymore. 
  A new HTML based documentation is available, with for example
  cross references between calls of functions. 
  For PC Windows, the executable programs have been replaced by 
  mex files (these are not compiled for other systems). 
  Version 2.0.5   14-Jun-2003
  This version contains all the reported bugs and updates on the WAFO web.
  It also contains additional bug fixes, and new/updated routines.
  Version 2.0.4   11-Apr-2001
  This file describes new features, bug fixes, and changes in this version 
  of the WAFO Toolbox.
  List of changes:
  Items marked with:
        (N)  : needs a new  name 
         *   : not yet available
         +   : needs more work
         **  : have changed in a way which might affect your code!
   See the Readme files in the modules.
   See the Readme files in the modules.
   See the Readme files in the modules.
   The base for the WAFO toolbox was the Wave Analysis Toolbox (WAT)
   and the Fatigue Analysis Toolbox (FAT). 
   Several new functions exist along with enhancements of the old 
   WAT and FAT functions. The enhancements also include a more consistent 
   naming convention for the m-files.
   Most of the functions in WAFO are incompatible with the functions
   of WAT and FAT.


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