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WAFO Toolbox


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  WAFO Toolbox
  Version 2.1.1   07-Sep-2005 
    Wave Analysis for Fatigue and Oceanography (WAFO) Toolbox
  The WAFO toolbox is mainly developed at 
    Mathematical statistics, Lund University, Sweden
  see 'wafocredits' for further information.
  WAFO consists of several modules (directories) with short descriptions below.
  The modules SPEC, TRGAUSS, WAVEMODELS, and MULTIDIM are mainly for 
  oceanographic applications.
  The modules CYCLES, MARKOV, and DAMAGE are mainly for fatigue problems. 
  The contents file for each module is shown by typing 'help module-name' 
  Type 'help fatigue' for a presentation of all routines related to fatigue.
  The paths to the modules are initiated by the function 'initwafo'.
  ONEDIM     - Data analysis of time series. Example: extraction of 
               turning points, estimation of spectrum, covariance function.
  SPEC       - Computation of spectral moments and covariance functions. 
               Ex: common spectra implemented, directional spectra, 
               bandwidth measures
  TRGAUSS    - Modelling with linear, Gaussian waves. Ex: exact 
               distributions for wave characteristics, transformed
               Gaussian processes
  WAVEMODELS - Models for distributions of wave characteristics found in 
               the literature. Ex: parametric models for breaking 
               limited wave heights.
  MULTIDIM   - Multi-dimensional time series analysis.  (Under construction)
  CYCLES     - Cycle counting, discretization, and crossings. Ex: Rainflow 
               cycles and matrix, discretization of loads.
  MARKOV     - Routines for Markov loads, switching Markov loads, and 
               their connection to rainflow cycles.
  DAMAGE     - Calculation of damage. Ex: Damage of a rainflow count or 
               matrix, damage matrix, S-N plot.
  WSIM       - Simulation of random processes. Ex: spectral simulation, 
               simulation of discrete Markov chains, switching Markov
               chains, harmonic oscillator
  WSTATS     - Statistical tools and extreme-value distributions.
               Ex: generation of random numbers, estimation of parameters,
               evaluation of pdf and cdf
  KDETOOLS   - Kernel-density estimation.
  MISC       - Miscellaneous routines. Ex: numerical integration, smoothing 
               spline, binomial coefficient, water density.
  WDEMOS     - WAFO demos. 
  DOCS       - Documentation of toolbox, definitions. An overview is given 
               in the routine wafomenu. 
  DATA       - Measurements from marine applications.
  PAPERS     - Commands that generate figures in selected scientific 
  SOURCE     - Fortran and C files. Information on compilation.
  EXEC       - Executable files (cf. SOURCE), pre-compiled for Solaris, 
               Alpha-Dec or Windows. 
  WAFO homepage: <http://www.maths.lth.se/matstat/wafo/>
  On the WAFO home page you will find:
   - The WAFO Tutorial
   - New versions of WAFO to download.
   - Reported bugs.
   - List of publications related to WAFO.


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