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WAFO. Wave Analysis for Fatigue and Oceanography

WAFO is a toolbox of Matlab routines for statistical analysis and simulation of random waves and random loads. The routines are collected in subdirectories according to application. Tools are provided for analysis of measured data with routines for estimation of parameters in statistical distributions, estimation of spectra, plotting in probability papers, etc.

An important part of WAFO are routines for calculation of theoretical distributions of characteristic wave parameters from observed or theoretical power spectra of the sea. Another part is related to statistical analysis of fatigue. The theoretical density of rainflow cycles can be computed from parameters of random loads. Further, a collection of routines is included for modelling of switching loads (hidden Markov models). A special part of WAFO contains general statistical tools.

A new philosophy concerning documentation is presented. The toolbox contains scripts for generation of plots in recent publications and scripts for comparison with results in the literature. Data sets from measurements of the sea surface are included.

WAFO is developed for use with Matlab version 5.x/6.x. Some routines call programs written in Fortran. Versions for PC/Windows and Unix environments are available.

WAFO replaces the two toolboxes Wave Analysis Toolbox (WAT) and Fatigue Analysis Toolbox (FAT). The development of numerical methods for calculating distributions of random waves dates back to the 70's, see the WAFO background.

WAFO is freely redistributable software, see WAFO licence, cf. the GNU General Public License (GPL). .

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ffndgrid ochi98fit tranproc
aboutwafo fftce ochi98pdf trmak
addfeatr figtext ochifun troptset
alevel findcross ochitr trplot
alias findextrema ohhcdf trraylpdf
ampdef findoutliers ohhgparfun trunmak
arfm2mctp findpeaks ohhpdf ttspec
armacov findrfc ohhscdf
armaspec fitmodel ohhspdf var
atlantic fourier ohhspdf2 vc2sign
fr2comb ohhsscdf vsph
b04cdf fr2nt ohhsspdf
b04jcdf fr2res ohhsspdf2 w2k
b04jpdf freqtype ohhvpdf wafocleanup
b04jpdf2 ftf ohspec wafodemo
b04pdf fwaitbar ohspec2 wafoexepath
ohspec3 wafofig
bfsspec gaus2dat oscspec wafofig1
bincount gaussq
bingham gaussq2d pairs wafofig2
binom genchol papermenu wafofig3
bmr00cdf getcrossspectra parseoptions wafofig4
bmr00pdf geth1line parzen wafofig5
bmr00pdf2 getjonswappeakedness pdfplot wafofig6
braylcdf getmodel perioddef wafofig7
braylfit getstart phi1 wafofig8
braylpdf getulcc pmspec wafofig9
bugreport gfaks89
bvnormcdf gfaksr89 qlevels wafoinit
bvnormprb gravity qlevels2 wafointro
gridcount qrule wafomenu
qrule2d wafopath
cc2amp hanning
cc2cmat hbcv range wafostamp
cc2dam hbcv2 ratio wafoversion
cc2dcc hboot wafo\Readme wafoweb
cc2lc hdcmat cycles\Readme wallop
ccplot hermitefun data\readme walpharnd
ccquad hermitetr kdetools\Readme wavedef
cdf2tr hldpi markov\Readme waveplot
cdr hldpi2 misc\readme wbetacdf
cempdistr hldpi2fft onedim\Readme wbetafit
Chapter1 hlscv spec\Readme wbetainv
Chapter2 hmmplot trgauss\Readme wbetapdf
Chapter3 hmns wavemodels\Readme wbetarnd
Chapter4 hns wsim\readme wbetastat
Chapter5 holmberg1 wstats\Readme wchi2cdf
chi2cmat holmberg2 recdemo wchi2fit
chi2gof holmberg3 recfig wchi2inv
chi2gof2 holmquist1 recfig1 wchi2pdf
chitwo2lc_sorm holmquist2 recfig10 wchi2rnd
chitwo2lc_sp holmquist3 recfig11 wchi2stat
choices hos recfig12 wdensity
choicex hs2sign recfig13 weib2dcdf
cl2cnr hscv recfig2 weib2dcdfplot
clevels hste recfig3 weib2dcinv
cltext hstt recfig4 weib2dfit
cmat2amp hwestimate recfig5 weib2dlike
cmat2dam hypgf recfig6 weib2dpdf
recfig7 weib2dpdf2
cmat2extralc identify recfig8 weib2dprb
cmat2lc imlm recfig9 weib2drnd
cmat2nt initoptions recinit weib2dstat
cmat2rmcmat initwafo recintro weib2dstatplot
cmatcombine install recleanup wexpcdf
cmatplot iqr reconstruct wexpfit
cmatresamp iter res2arfc wexpinv
cnr2cl iter_mc rfadd wexppdf
cocc itmkurs rfc2load_fat wexpplot
comb2pro itmkurs_lab1 rfcdemo1 wexprnd
misc\comnsize itmkurs_lab2 rfcdemo2 wexpstat
wstats\comnsize itmkurs_lab3 rfcfilter wfcdf
wafo\Contents itmkurs_lab4 rfm2dtp wfinv
rfmextrapolate wfpdf
damage\Contents japansea rind wfrechcdf
data\Contents jhnlwparfun rindoptset wfrechinv
docs\Contents jhscdf rmcmat2cmat wfrechpdf
exec\Contents jhsnlcdf roadspec wfrechstat
kdetools\Contents jhsnlpdf rotspec wfrnd
markov\Contents jhsnlpdf2 rqlf_asympt wfstat
misc\Contents jhspdf ryates wgamafit
multidim\Contents jhspdf2
private\Contents jhvcdf sample wgamfit
onedim\Contents jhvnlcdf sarmasim wgaminv
papers\Contents jhvnlpdf savgol wgampdf
rec\Contents jhvnlpdf2 scalemat wgamrnd
tutorcom\Contents jhvpdf scalespec wgamstat
wafodemo\Contents jhvpdf2 sea wgevcdf
spec\Contents jhwparfun seamovie wgevfit
trgauss\Contents jonswap seasim wgevinv
sensortype wgevlike
wavemodels\Contents k2w sensortypeid wgevpdf
wdemos\Contents kchitwo sfa89 wgevrnd
itmkurs\Contents kde simpson wgevstat
wsim\Contents kde1dgui sinc wggambfit
wstats\Contents kde2dgui smc2rfm wggamcdf
convlv kdebin smcsim wggamfit
cov2csdat kdedemo1 smctp2arfm wggaminv
cov2sdat kdedemo2 smctp2joint wggampdf
cov2spec kdefun smctp2rfm wggamrnd
covinterp kdeoptset smctp2stat wggamstat
covplot kdeplot smctpsim wgpdcdf
cplot kernelstats smooth wgpdfit
createcov klcmat smoothcmat wgpdfit_ml
smoothcmat_hnorm wgpdfit_mld
createspec lagtype sn wgpdinv
crossdef lc2dplus snplot wgpdpdf
csort lc2rfmextreme spa2time wgpdrnd
lc2sdat spec2AcAt wgpdstat
damint lc2tr spec2Acdf wgumbafit
dat2cor lc2tr2 spec2bw wgumbcdf
dat2cov lcplot spec2char wgumbfit
dat2crossind levels spec2cmat wgumbinv
dat2dspec lh83pdf spec2cov wgumbpdf
dat2dtp limitations spec2cov2 wgumbplot
dat2gaus load2ud spec2dplus wgumbrnd
dat2lc loaddata spec2dt wgumbstat
dat2midind loglcmat spec2linspec wgumbtest
dat2rfm loglike spec2mmtpdf whisto
dat2spec lomaxcdf spec2mom winvgcdf
dat2spec2 lsplot spec2nlsdat winvgfit
dat2steep ltwcpdf spec2sdat winvginv
spec2skew winvgpdf
dat2tp mat2tmat spec2spec winvgrnd
dat2tr maximizefigs spec2tccpdf winvgstat
dat2wa mc2rfc spec2thpdf wkurtosis
datastructures mc2rfm spec2tpdf wlogncdf
dcc2cmat mc2stat spec2tpdf2 wlognfit
democc mccormick specinterp wlogninv
democc_markmax mcsim specoptset wlognpdf
democc_mmdef mctp2arfm specq2lc wlognrnd
democc_plotmat mctp2reverse sphdam wlognstat
democc_rfcdef mctp2rfc splitload wminmax
democc_tpdef mctp2rfm spreading wmnormrnd
demospec mctp2stat spwaveplot wnormcdf
deriv mctp2tc ssample wnormfit
deriv2 mctpsim startup wnorminv
detrendma mctrtest sudg wnormndpdf
dir2enc mdist2dcdf
dir2k1d mdist2dcdfplot tay81cdf wnormplot
dirsp2chitwo mdist2dcinv tay81fun wnormrnd
discar mdist2dfit tay81pdf wnormspec
dist2dcdf mdist2dlike tay90cdf wnormstat
dist2dcdfplot mdist2dpdf tay90fun wqqplot
dist2dfit mdist2dpdf2 tay90pdf wquantile
dist2dfun mdist2drnd test_cycles wraylcdf
dist2dparamplot mdist2dstat test_markov wraylfit
dist2dpdf mdist2dstatplot testbuoy wraylinv
dist2dpdf2 mem testmeasurements wraylpdf
dist2dprb memfun testsurf wraylplot
dist2drnd mexGenzMvnPrb th2vhpdf wraylrnd
dist2dsmfun mexmvnprb thcdf wraylstat
dist2dsmfun2 mexmvnprb2 thgparfun writecov
dist2dstat mindist thpdf wskewness
dist2dstatplot mindist3 thscdf wspecplot
distplot mk87cdf thsnlcdf wtcdf
disufq mk87pdf thsnlpdf wtfit
down2cc mk87pdf2 thsnlpdf2 wtinv
dspec2char mk87rnd thspdf wtpdf
dspec2dcov mkcontents thspdf2 wtraylcdf
dspec2spreading mkdspec thsscdf wtraylfit
dtp2arfm mkernel thsspdf wtraylpdf
dtp2arfm4p mkernel2 thsspdf2 wtrnd
dtp2arfm_sid mkernelrnd thvcdf wtstat
dtp2rfm mktestmat thvpdf wtweibcdf
dtp2rfm_sid mlm thvpdf2 wtweibfit
duffsim mm2lc thwparfun wtweibfun
mvnormpcprb time2spa wtweibpdf
ecross mvnormpdf tmaspec wweibcdf
emem mvnormprb torsethaugen wweibcfit
empdistr mvnortpcprb tp2arfc wweibfit
estmc mvnprodcorrprbmex tp2arfc4p wweibinv
tp2lc wweibpdf
evalpdf nlevel tp2mm wweibplot
ewwdir normspfn tp2rfc wweibrnd
extralc northsea tpdef wweibstat
nplot tpextrapolate
f_ar nt2cmat tr_m2x yates
f_funm trgauss\nt2fr tr_p2x yura87
f_smctp private\nt2fr tr_x2m
fatigue nt2lc tr_x2p
ffd ochi98cdf trangood

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