WAFO - Tutorial

The tutorial to WAFO contains an introduction to the toolbox, descriptions of definitions and data structures used throughout, and chapters which by examples describe many of the applications which are possible. Data sets included in the toolbox are used for illustration.

October 26, 2017: Updated tutorials to Matlab 2017a for Wafo, ver 2017 and the module Wafo Lagrange are available in pdf-format (3.5MB, and 1.8MB, respectively.

May 28, 2011: Updated version of the tutorial for WAFO 2.5 is available! (Corrected error in Section 3.3.3 in version from March 28, 2011.)

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Architecture of WAFO. The Modules

The routines in WAFO are organized in modules (subdirectories) according to application. In Matlab, an overview is given by the Contents file (type 'help wafo').

One can navigate among the routines in the modules in a more advanced, frame-based environment, and within each file find cross references to other files, by using the file WAFO.chm in windows or wafodoc for other platforms.

Presentation of WAFO at ISOPE-2000

An overview of WAFO was presented at ISOPE-2000.

  1. Brodtkorb, P.A., Johannesson, P., Lindgren, G., Rychlik, I., Rydén, J., and Sjö, E. (2000): WAFO - a Matlab toolbox for analysis of random waves and loads. Proceedings of the 10th International Offshore and Polar Engineering conference, Seattle, Vol III, pp. 343-350.
    [ Abstract: HTML | Paper: PS (380 kb)]

The slides (Postscript, 2.4 MB) from the presentation at the conference ISOPE-2000 might be of interest to browse through for a short introduction. In the subdirectory papers/wafodemo in WAFO, Matlab scripts for generation of most of the figures in the article are provided.

WAFO in Scientific Publications

In the subdirectory papers/wafodemo in WAFO, Matlab scripts for generation of results in some recent articles are provided. If you make use of WAFO for calculations in a paper, you are encouraged to submit the code and information about the article.