Reported bugs -- this page is not updated

This page lists bugs and miscellaneous problems with WAFO. Users are encouraged to contact the WAFO group if any problems are encountered. If not otherwise stated, reported bugs from previous versions are fixed in later versions.

VERSION 2.1.1 (released 2005-10-06)

Oktober 3, 2007
New mexfiles for matlab 2007a on PC-platform
Matlab has changed the way mex-files work in Matlab2007a. The precompiled mex-files included in WAFO do only work for Matlab2006 and below. Thus the files has to be compiled again.
The compiled mexfiles for matlab 2007a and PC-platform can be downloaded here.
Unzip it to a suitable folder and move the following mexfiles:
csort to directory WAFO/misc
findcross, findrfc to WAFO/onedim
and the remaining mexfiles to the WAFO/trgauss/private.
November 15
Revised routines:


January 13
Revised routines:


May 19
Revised routines:


VERSION 2.1.0 (released 2004-04-07)

July 6
Revised routines:


July 1
Revised routines:


May 6
Revised routines:


April 15
Revised routines:

trgauss/spec2skew.m (made calculations faster)
trgauss/dat2tr.m (fixed a bug in the Hermite estimation option; changed excess)
misc/cltext.m (cosmetic fix: updated label "Level curves ...." to "Level curve ...." if only one curve is given)
spec/getjonswappeakedness.m (made sure gamma =1 for Tp/sqrt(Hm0)>5.14)

VERSION 2.0.5 (released 2003-06-14)

Revised gradually, resulting in Version 2.1.0 (released 2004-04-07).

VERSION 2.0.4 (released 2001-04-11)

November 26
Revised version of spec/spec2bw.m.
November 8
Revised version of cycles/res2arfc.m.
November 7
Revised versions of multidim/ratio.m and multidim/tran.m.
October 30
Revised version of spec/pmspec.m.
October 12
Revised versions of wsim/spec2sdat.m, wsim/cov2sdat.m, spec/specinterp.m.
October 11
Revised versions of wsim/spec2sdat.m, wsim/cov2sdat.m, spec/specinterp.m.
New routine: spec/lagtype.m.
September 19
Revised version of wstats/wmnormrnd.m
September 17
Revised versions of spec/wnormspec.m and trgauss/rind.m
August 22
Revised version of spec/jonswap.m
August 21
New files:

Updated versions of

August 14
Updated versions of wstats/wgpdpdf.m, wstats/wgpdcdf.m, wstats/wgevpdf.m, wstats/wgevcdf.m
June 28
June 13
Find revised versions of papers/rec/recfig11.m, papers/rec/recfig12.m, onedim/dat2crossind.m, and wstats/wgevfit.m
May 28
Replace spec/spec2mom.m with a revised version: spec2mom.m.

May 9
  • Replace kdebin.m, kdefun.m, mkernel.m, mkernel2.m (all in kdetools); onedim/mm2lc.m and multidim/dat2dspec.m with updated versions.
  • The routine kdetools/pdfplot.m may be removed (it exists in the module trgauss).
  • The routines onedim/dat2tr2.m and trgauss/ochitr2.m are obsolete; can be removed.
April 19
A bug in onedim/mm2lc found; replace with mm2lc.m
April 18
  • Replace onedim/reconstruct.m, papers/rec/recinit.m, papers/rec/recfig6.m, misc/hypgf.m with updated versions.
  • Note that the order of methods in the call to the routine onedim/dat2steep.m has changed compared to ver. 2.0.3. (The example in the Tutorial needs to be modified).
April 17
Some routines from the module 'wavemodels' are found as identical copies in the module 'trgauss'; these latter files should be removed.

April 12
A list of known bugs

VERSION 2.0.3 (released 2000-07-13)

February 1
NOTE! WAFO is not yet working in Matlab 6.

January 18
A minor bug in wsim/seasim.m; replace with seasim.m

December 6
Find the directories exec/sol2 and exec/alpha as compressed files: sol2.tar.gz

December 5
Updated version of wstats/wgpdfit.m, cycles/dtp2rfm.m, and wsim/mctpsim.m. Replace with
November 11
Updated versions of the modules wstats/ and wavemodels/. Download the directories as compressed files:
Find also html documentations of the modules:
October 26
Updated versions of spec/wspecplot.m, onedim/waveplot.m, onedim/dat2cov.m. Replace with
October 19
Revised versions of the modules cycles/ and wstats/. Download them here:
PC Windows cycles.zip, wstats.zip
Unix cycles.tar.gz, wstats.tar.gz
October 4
A bug found in wavemodels/cav76pdf.m. Replace with cav76pdf.m
September 1
In wstats/wgumbfit, the covariance matrix for the estimates is returned. It should be given in the code by cov=[0.60793,0.25696;0.25696,1.10867]*ahat^2/length(data);
August 31
The data set atlantic.dat and its reference file atlantic.m, referred to in the tutorial, are missed in ver 2.0.3. Find them here:
August 23
This message is for those who run the programs at an alpha platform.
In the directory exec/alpha, make the following copying:
cp sp2Acdf50.exe sp2Acdf60.exe
August 10
Some routines for generation of random numbers in the directory wstats: wraylrnd.m, wweibrnd.m, wgevrnd.m, wgpdrnd.m.
The number of rows/columns should be exchanged.
In wstats/wnormrnd.m, the line R=randn(m,n).*v.^(1/2)+m; should be replaced with R=randn(m,n).*v.^(1/2)+mu;
August 1
A bug in wstats/wgaminv.m. Approximation introduced for higher degrees of freedom. Replace with wgaminv.m

VERSION 2.0.2 (released 2000-07-10)

July 12
To perform rainflow filtering (Section 4.3.3 in the Tutorial) with the routine onedim/dat2tp.m, read this remark.
July 11
A bug in spec/cov2spec.m (in the case of wave-number spectrum) is found. Replace with cov2spec.m
July 10
New version, 2.0.2 released. All previous bugs fixed, except for negative values of NIT (July 4 below).
VERSION 2.0.1 (released 2000-07-06)
July 10
A bug in wdemos/democc.m is found. Replace with democc.m
July 8
Windows version: the zipped version of ascii files has a directory wafo, which appears to be a copy of itself at the next level down. It can be deleted.
July 7
The version number in Contents.m in the main directory should be 2.0.1
July 6
A bug in onedim/lcplot.m is found. Replace with lcplot.m
A bug in onedim/tp2mm.m is found. Replace with tp2mm.m
July 4
The routine wsim/lc2sdat.m does not work for negative values of NIT (Unix).
The routine does not work in Windows version.