A statistics toolbox for Matlab and Octave. 
Version 1.29, 10-May-2000 
GNU Public Licence Copyright (c) Anders Holtsberg. 
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Distribution functions. 
   dbeta     - Beta density function.
   dbinom    - Binomial probability function.
   dchisq    - Chisquare density function.
   df        - F density function.
   dgamma    - Gamma density function.
   dhypg     - Hypergeometric probability function.
   dlognorm  - The log-normal density function.
   dnorm     - Normal density function.
   dt        - Student t density function.
   dweib     - The Weibull density function.
   dgumbel   - The Gumbel density function.

   pbeta     - Beta distribution function.
   pbinom    - Binomial cumulative probability function.
   pchisq    - Chisquare distribution function.
   pf        - F distribution function.
   pgamma    - Gamma distribution function.
   phypg     - Hypergeometric cumulative probability function.
   plognorm  - The log-normal distribution function.
   pnorm     - Normal distribution function.
   pt        - Student t cdf.
   pweib     - The Weibull distribution function.
   pgumbel   - The Gumbel distribution function.

   qbeta     - Beta inverse distribution function.
   qbinom    - Binomial inverse cdf.
   qchisq    - Chisquare inverse distribution function.
   qf        - F inverse distribution function.
   qgamma    - Gamma inverse distribution function.
   qhypg     - Hypergeometric inverse cdf.
   qlognorm  - The inverse log-normal distribution function.
   qnorm     - Normal inverse distribution function.
   qt        - Student t inverse distribution function.
   qweib     - The Weibull inverse distribution function.
   qgumbel   - The Gumbel inverse distribution function.

   rbeta     - Random numbers from the beta distribution.
   rbinom    - Random numbers from the binomial distribution.
   rchisq    - Random numbers from the chisquare distribution.
   rf        - Random numbers from the F distribution
   rgamma    - Random numbers from the gamma distribution.
   rhypg     - Random numbers from the hypergeometric distribution.
   rlognorm  - Log-normal random numbers.
   rnorm     - Normal random numbers (use randn instead).
   rt        - Random numbers from the student t distribution.
   rweib     - Random numbers from the Weibull distribution.
   rgumbel   - Random numbers from the Gumbel distribution.

Logistic regression. 
   ldiscrim  - Compute a linear discriminant and plot the result.
   logitfit  - Fit a logistic regression model.
   lodds     - Log odds function.
   loddsinv  - Inverse of log odds function.

Various functions. 
   bincoef   - Binomial coefficients.
   cat2tbl   - Take category data and produce a table of counts.
   getdata   - Some famous multivariate data sets.
   quantile  - Empirical quantile (percentile).
   ranktrf   - Rank transform data.
   spearman  - Spearman's rank correlation coefficient.
   stdize    - Standardize columns to have mean 0 and standard deviation 1.
   corr      - Correlation coefficient.
   cvar      - Covariance.

Resampling methods. 
   covjack   - Jackknife estimate of the variance of a parameter estimate.
   covboot   - Bootstrap estimate of the variance of a parameter estimate.
   stdjack   - Jackknife estimate of the parameter standard deviation.
   stdboot   - Bootstrap estimate of the parameter standard deviation.
   rboot     - Simulate a bootstrap resample from a sample.
   ciboot    - Bootstrap confidence interval.
   test1b    - Bootstrap t test and confidence interval for the mean.

Tests, confidence intervals, and model estimation. 
   cmpmod    - Compare small linear model versus large one.
   contincy  - Test for contigency table row-column independence.
   ciquant   - Nonparametric confidence interval for quantile.
   lsfit     - Fit a least squares model.
   lsselect  - Select a predictor subset for regression.
   test1n    - Tests and confidence intervals, one normal sample.
   test1r    - Test for median equals 0 using rank test.
   test2n    - Tests and confidence intervals, two normal samples.
   test2r    - Test for equal location of two samples using rank test.
   normmix   - Estimate a mixture of normal distributions.

   qqgamma   - Gamma probability paper plot (and estimate).
   qqnorm    - Normal probability paper plot.
   qqplot    - Plot empirical quantile vs empirical quantile.
   qqweib    - Weibull probability paper plot.
   qqgumbel  - Gumbel probability paper plot.
   kaplamai  - Plot Kaplan-Maier estimate of survivor function.
   linreg    - Linear or polynomial regression, including plot.
   histo     - Plot a histogram (alternative to hist).
   plotsym   - Plot with symbols.
   plotdens  - Draw a nonparametric density estimate.
   plotempd  - Plot empirical distribution.
   identify  - Identify points on a plot by clicking with the mouse.
   pairs     - Pairwise scatter plots.