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Appendix to diploma # 208558 cum laude


(not valid without diploma)


while studying at the Mechanical and Mathematical Faculty of Moscow State University named after Lomonosov M.V. from 1989 up to 1994 passed the examinations and received credits on the following disciplines

(specialty "Mathematics, Applied Mathematics", specialization "Probability Theory"):

Course Title Hours Grade
Required courses
Social and Political History of the 20th century 120 excellent
Philosophy 134 excellent
Fundamentals of Economic Theory 136 excellent
Sociology 102 excellent
Foreign Language 344 excellent
Physical Training 544 passed
Analytical Geometry 144 excellent
Introduction to Mathematical Logic 64 excellent
Algebra 180 excellent
Differential Geometry and Topology 136 excellent
Differential Equations 136 excellent
History and Methodology of Mathematics 48 passed
Linear Algebra and Geometry 128 excellent
Mathematical Analysis 512 excellent
Methods of Calculations 136 excellent
Mechanics of Continua 72 excellent
Computer Practice 168 passed
Theoretical Mechanics 136 excellent
Probability Theory 64 excellent
Partial Differential Equations 136 excellent
Physics 136 excellent
Computers and Programming 192 excellent
Mathematical Logic 32 passed
Theory of Stochastic Processes 64 excellent
Complex Analysis 136 excellent
Theory of Functions and Functional Analysis 200 excellent
Discrete Mathematics 36 excellent
Methods of Applied Calculations 36 excellent
Applied Problems of Geometry 32 excellent
Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics 48 excellent
Mathematical Statistics 72 excellent
Number Theory 72 excellent
Special Workshops 204 passed
Calculus of Variation and Optimal Controlling 72 excellent
Research Project excellent
Elective courses
Probability Theory and Applications 68 excellent
Countable Markov Chains 68 excellent
Stochastic Processes 68 excellent
Mathematical Theory of Reliability 68 excellent

Graduate thesis "Random Walk in Stochastic Medium with Traps" defended with excellent grade.

State Examinations in Mathematics passed with excellent grade.

VICE-RECTOR of Moscow State University named after Lomonosov M.V.
Professor /Signature/ M.N.Marchenko

DEAN of the Mechanical and Mathematical Department /Signature/ O.B.Lupanov

Clerk of the Department /Signature/

Moscow June 30, 1994 Registration # 045