WAT -- Wave Analysis Toolbox

What is WAT?

The Wave Analysis Toolbox is a package of MATLAB m-files and executable routines for empirical and theoretical statistical analysis of cycles, waves, and other extremal characteristics in Gaussian and non-Gaussian stochastic processes.

In particular, it can compute the exact statistical distribution of crossings and cycle variables in a stationary Gaussian process, i.a.the distance between zero crossings, excursion length, and cycle amplitude and wavelength. It can handle processes with a specified general power spectrum density or correlation function.

Important applications are the calculation of fatigue damage caused by a randomly varying load, Rain Flow cycle analysis, and analysis of wave period and amplitude distributions for random Gaussian waves with common wave spectra. The package is based on routines mainly developed by Igor Rychlik.

For more information, see  References and also http://www.mathworks.com.



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