SUCCESS project

The SUCCESS project (Satellite Uses: a Common Course for Engineering and Sea-conditions Studies) is a European research project within the Environment program. It is managed by Michel Olagnon at the French marine research institute Ifremer together with:

Meteomer (FR)

Ecole Centrale de Paris (FR)

Technical University of Denmark (DK)

Instituto Superior Tecnico (PT)

Lunds Universitet (SE), Dept of Mathematical Statistics

National Technical University of Athens (GR)

Satellite Observing Systems (GB)

Universita degli studi di Genova (IT)

Delft University of Technology (NL)

The SUCCESS project addresses the academic curriculum of the engineers and scientists, before they become active. It deals with the obtention of metocean parameters used for engineering from Earth Observation satellite measurements. It stems from the fact that, due to the novelty of the subject, professors need some material to help them include it into their regular teaching.

The project is aimed at setting up a teaching package to be used in Engineering Schools and Universities of Technology throughout the European Union. It will provide all the ``hardware'' that a professor should wish to use in order to deliver the course.

It will be prepared in several of the EU languages, and be made available, at no more cost than handling charges, to any School or University of the EU. Professors might then choose to deliver the course themselves, or to request the assistance of a correspondent within the group implied in the elaboration of the course.

It is considered that at least 30 educational institutions in the EU might include the course into their regular cycle.

A student having received this teaching should then be able to understand, specify and use metocean parameters coming from satellite measurements with no more pain than if they came from any other more commonplace origin. She/He should also be aware of the relevance of some related research problems with regards to practical industrial applications.

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