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A European Union, Research DG, shared cost project, funded by the European Commission under Framework 4

COnveying Metocean Knowledge Improvements onto Shipping Safety

For a demonstration of the project results, see the Demonstration Modules.

Final report (pdf)

Project objectives

The main objectives of the project are:

  • to demonstrate to major segments of the marine transport industry the benefits of integrating satellite-derived information on sea state such as wave height and direction.
  • to raise awareness of the usefulness of satellite data in increasing the safety and overall efficiency of shipping operations by using the EWSE (at CEO) as the principal channel for communicating progress.

The results should be of interest for enterprises such as ship certification, fast ship/coastal traffic, and transportation of unconventional loads.

Project partners

Satellite Observing Systems , Godalming, UK (David Cotton, project manager)
Mathematical Statistics, Lund University, Sweden (Georg Lindgren, project co-ordinator)
Bureau Veritas, Paris-La Defense, France (Guy Parmentier)
Dockwise, Meer, Belgium (Cees Leenaars)
IFREMER, Brest, France (Michel Olagnon)
OPTIMER, Brest, France (Raymond Nerzic)
Corsica Ferries, Bastia, France

Project period

September 1, 1998 - August 31 (Extended to October 31), 2000

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