The Statistics Seminar, 2010

Tuesday 12/1 2010 13.15, MH227 Will Kleiber, Department of Statistics, University of Washington, Seattle Matern Cross-Covariance Functions for Multivariate Random Fields Abstract
Friday 19/2, 2010, 13.15, MH227 Finn Lindgren, Department of Mathematical Statistics, Lund University A stochastic modelling perspective on global temperature reconstruction Abstract
Friday 26/2, 2010, 13.15, MH227 Jimmy Olsson, Department of Mathematical Statistics, Lund University Smoothing in general hidden Markov models using sequential Monte Carlo methods Abstract
Friday 12/3 2010 13.15-14.00, MH227 Joerg Wegener, Mathematical Statistics, Lund University Stochastic fields with embedded shallow water dynamics Abstract
Friday 19/3 2010 13.15-15.00 (NB: Two-hour talk), MH227 Jeffrey Steif, Mathematical Sciences, Chalmers University of Technology An overview and recent developments in percolation theory Abstract
Friday 16/4 2010 13.15, MH227 Svante Janson, Department of Mathematics, Uppsala University Random threshold graphs, graph limits and exchangeable infinite graphs. Abstract
Thursday 19/8 2010 13.15, MH227 Wolfgang Polonik, Department of Statistics, University of California at Davis Testing for modality, residual empirical process and weighted sums for time varying processes. Abstract
Thursday 2/9 2010 13.15, MH227 Giacomo Como, Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Persistent disagreement and scaling limits for continuous opinion dynamics systems Abstract
Friday 10/9 2010 13.15, MH227 Thomas Scheike, Department of Biostatistics, University of Copenhagen Estimating Haplotype Effects for Survival Data Abstract
Friday 17/9 2010 13.15, MH227 Paul Sampson, Department of Statistics, University of Washington, Seattle Revisiting the spatial deformation model for nonstationary spatial covariance: proposals for new methods and applications Abstract
Friday 1/10 2010 13.15, MH227 Pieter Trapman, Department of Mathematics, Stockholm University Long-range percolation on the hierarchical lattice. Abstract
Friday 8/10 2010 13.15, MH227 Johan Lindström, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Lund Spatio-Temporal Modelling of local ambient air pollution. Abstract



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