The Statistics Seminar, 2009

12/1 2009 13.15, MH:329 Ellen Grumert presents her master's thesis, Lund University Wind modelingAbstract
16/1 2009 13.15, MH:227 Finn Lindgren, Mathematical Statistics, Lund University Eliminating the practical boundary between Markov and other Gaussian random fieldsAbstract
23/1 2009 13.15, MH:227 Mads Græsbøll Christensen, Aalborg University, Denmark Pitch estimationAbstract
30/1 2009 13.15, MH:227 Anna Lindgren, Mathematical Statistics, Lund University Poissonregression eller varför man går till doktorn olika mycket i olika länderAbstract
13/2 2009 13.15, MH:227 Frank den Hollander, Leiden University and EURANDOM, The Netherlands PercolationAbstract
20/2 2009 13.15, MH:227 Tobias Rydén, Mathematical Statistics, Lund University Subspace estimation methods for hidden Markov models: algorithms and consistencyAbstract
25/2 2009 14.15, MH:309A Tina Lindhqvist and Daniel Quach defend their master's thesis Portfolio optimization with a carry trading strategyAbstract
27/2 2009 13.15, MH:227 Andreas Jakobsson, Mathematical Statistics, Lund University Estimating the magnitude square coherence spectrumAbstract
6/3 2009 13.15, MH:227 Thomas Mikosch, Laboratory of Actuarial Mathematics, University of Copenhagen The extremogram: A correllogram for extreme eventsAbstract
9/3 2009 15.15, MH:329 Gustav Björck defend his master's thesis Contracts for Difference - En studie av handelsmönster på den nordiska marknadenAbstract
27/3 2009 13.15, MH:227 Karl Åström, Mathematics, Faculty of Engineering LTH, Lund University Fast and Stable Polynomial Equation Solving and its Application to Computer Vision Abstract
24/4 2009 13.15, MH:227 Randal Douc, Telecom Sud Paris A Vanilla Rao-Blackwellisation of Metropolis-Hastings algorithmsAbstract
8/5 2009 13.15, MH:227 Gennady Samorodnitsky, School of Operations Research and Information Engineering, Cornell University Inverse problems for regular variation, linear filters, functional equations and a cancellation property for $\sigma$-finite measuresAbstract
15/5 2009 13.15, MH:227 Magnus Fontes, Mathematical Sciences, Lund University Visualization and multivariate analysisAbstract
28/5 2009 10.15-11.00, MH:A Peter Guttorp, University of Washington, Seattle GASP - I can't breathe! How statistics can be used to study pollution control.Abstract
Minisymposium: 29/5 2009 13.15-14.00, MH:227 Nanny Wermuth, Mathematics Centre, Chalmers University of Technology and Göteborg University Types of graphical Markov Models, illustrated with symmetric binary variables.Abstract
Minisymposium: 29/5 2009 14.15-15.00, MH:227 Ziad Taib, Astra Zeneca and Mathematics Centre, Chalmers University of Technology and Göteborg University Risk.Abstract
Thursday 4/6 2009 13.15, MH:227 Andras Zempleni, Department of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest Modelling extremes by Markov-switching structures.Abstract
Monday 15/6 2009 13.15, MH:227 Manohar N. Murthi, University of Miami Network bit-rate resource allocation in high-speed networks: maximizing network efficiency, and an approach to supporting signal processing applicationsAbstract
4/9 2009 13.15, MH:227 Daniel Sjöberg, Department of Electrical and Information Technology, LTH Nätbaserade frågeformulär som stöd till tempohållning i kurserAbstract
Thursday 10/9 2009 15.15, MH:227 Hernan Solari, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina An Eco-Epidemiological Model for Dengue and Yellow Fever - Theoretical biology or applied mathematics?Abstract
Thursday 17/9 2009 15.15, MH:227 Tatyana Turova, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Lund University Diffusion approximation for the components in critical inhomogeneous random graphs of rank 1Abstract
Thursday 24/9 2009 15.30, MH:227 Patrik Albin, Mathematical Sciences, Chalmers and Göteborg University On the existence of non-Brownian motion martingales with Brownian motion univariate marginal distributionsAbstract
Thursday 1/10 2009 15.30, MH:227 Shruti Agarwal, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Lund University Diffusion tensor tractographyAbstract
Thursday 8/10 2009 15.30, MH:227 Erik Lindström, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Lund University Non-linear Portmanteau TestsAbstract
Thursday 15/10 2009 15.30, MH:227 Florian Sobieczky, Mathematisches Institut Jena, Universität Jena Annealed bounds for the return probability of the simple random walk on critical percolation clustersAbstract
Friday 16/10 2009 13.15, MH:227 Anders Rantzer, Automatic control, Lund University Dual Decomposition for Distributed ControlAbstract
22/10-23/10 2009 Cramérsällskapets höstkonferens Program
Friday 6/11 2009 13:15, MH:227 Johan Lindström, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Lund University Spatial modelling using Gaussian Markov Random Fields: Applied to seabed reconstructionAbstract
Thursday 19/11 2009, 15.30, MH:227 Mats Broden, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Lund University Errors from discrete hedging in exponential Lévy models: the L^2 approachAbstract
Friday 20/11 2009 13.15, MH:227 Yuri Goegebeur, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Southern Denmark, Odense Kernel estimators for the second order parameter in extreme value statisticsAbstract
Monday 23/11 2009 15.30, MH:227 Joshua M. Tebbs, Department of Statistics, University of South Carolina, USA Group testing regression models with fixed and random effectsAbstract
Friday 27/11 2009 13.15, MH:227 Sergei Zuyev, Mathematical Sciences, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg Stability for random measures, point processes and discrete semigroupsAbstract
Friday 4/12 2009 13:15, MH:227 Tom Britton, Mathematical Statistics, Stockholm University Respondent driven sampling: a surveyAbstract
Monday 14/12 2009 10:15-12:00, NB! MH:309A Licentiate thesis presentation: Pál Rakonczai, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Lund University, and Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary On modeling and prediction of multivariate extremesAbstract



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