The Statistics Seminar, 2007

16/1-14/2 2007 Marc Raimondo, University of Sydney Course in smoothing Preliminary Programme
18/1 2007 13.15, MH:227 Anette Gottfridsson och David Grimfors presenterar sitt examensarbete Demosaicing with simultaneous noise reduction Abstract
19/1 2007 13.15, MH:227 Marc Raimondo, University of Sydney The WaveD method for wavelet deconvolution with noisy eigen-values Abstract
25/1 2007 13.15, MH:227 Elisabeth Diehl presenterar sitt examensarbete Implementation and Evaluation of a New Volatility Index Methodology Abstract
25/1 2007 13.15, MH:227 Erik Lindgren presenterar sitt examensarbete Calibration of Heston's Stocastic Volatility Model Using the Extended Kalman Filter Abstract
25/1 2007 15.15, MH:227 Ya'acov Ritov, Dept of Statistics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem Persistence estimation with p larger than n Abstract
26/1 2007 10.15, MH:A Jimmy Olsson försvarar sin doktorsavhandling On Bounds and Asymptotics of Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for Filte ring, Smoothing, and Maximum Likelihood Estimation in State Space Models Abstract
1/2 2007 13.15, MH:227 Anders Malmberg A Stochastic Transport Model for Atmospheric Carbon Monoxide Abstract
2/2 2007 13.15, MH:A Azra Kurbasic försvarar sin doktorsavhandling Topics in human gene mapping Abstract
5/2 2007 10.15, MH:329 Niklas Rönnberg presenterar sitt examensarbete Pricing of standard and non-standard CDO-tranches using the one factor NIG copula Abstract
8/2 2007 13.15, MH:227 Håvard Rue Approximate Bayesian inference for latent MRF and Gaussian models Abstract
9/2 2007 10.15, MH:329 Johan Ericson Thordenberg och Martin Nilsson presenterar sitt examensarbete Exchange-traded funds and portfolio insurance strategies Abstract
9/2 2007 13.15, MH:227 Dragi Anevski Limit distributions for non differentiable maps Abstract
16/2 2007 13.15, MH:227 Catrin Jansson presenterar sitt examensarbete Reconstructing the Risk Premium under the UIP condition with hidden Markov models Abstract
16/2 2007 14.15, MH:227 Rikard Davidsson presenterar sitt examensarbete Option Pricing in Equity-Linked Notes Abstract
27/2 2007 11.00, MH:333 Tomo Matsusita, Ritsumeikan University Static Hedging in supermarkets Abstract
2/3 2007 13.15, MH:227 Erik Lindström A Delayed Propagation Filter for Partially Observed Diffusion Processes Abstract
15/3 2007 13.15, MH:227 Erik Svensson presenterar sitt examensarbete Risk Aggregation and Dependence Modelling with Copulas Abstract
15/3 2007 14.15, MH:227 Caroline Karlsson presenterar sitt examensarbete Examining Affine General Equilibrium Models Abstract
16/3 2007 9.15, MH:A Lars ängquist försvarar sin doktorsavhandling Pointwise and Genomewide Significance Calculations in Gene Mapping through Nonparametric Linkage Analysis -Theory, Algorithms and Applications Abstract
13/4 2007 10.15, MH:B Sara Larsson försvarar sin doktorsavhandling Statistical Modelling of Cell Cycle Dynamics Abstract
20/4 2007 13.15, MH:227 Georgios Kotsalis, MIT Model Reduction for Hidden Markov Models Abstract
24/4 2007 13.15, MH:227 Yuri Belyayev Resampling methods in selection of linear regression functions and in assessing accuracy of the OLS-estimators Abstract
25/4 2007 9.15, MH:A Sofia åberg försvarar sin doktorsavhandling Applications of Rice's formula in oceanographic and environmental problems Abstract
4/5 2007 13.15, MH:227 Pär Johannesson Variation Mode and Effect Analysis: A Case Study of an Air Engine Component Abstract
8/5 2007 13.15, MH:227 Theodora Jung presenterar sitt examensarbete Inflation Market Modelling Abstract
11/5 2007 13.15, MH:227 Mattias Villani, Sveriges Riksbank Flexible Bayesian Modelling of Conditional Distributions Abstract
16/5 2007 10.15, MH:227 Ewelina Kotwa och Julija Vlasova presenterar sitt examensarbete Spatio-temporal modeling of short-term wind power prediction errors Abstract
24/5 2007 13.15, MH:227 Cecila Adamsson presenterar sitt examensarbete Equity Linked Notes - A comparison of products on the Swedish market Abstract
21/5-15/6, 2007 John Maindonald Course: "Topics in Applied Regression" Preliminary programme
25/5, 2007 13.15, MH:227 John Maindonald Data mining - statistics without statistical theory? Abstract
29/5 2007 10.00, MH:227 Peter Persson presenterar sitt examensarbete Implementaion of a Risk Based Solvency model Abstract
5/6 2007 10.15, MH:227 Ola Jonasson presenterar sitt examensarbete Efficiency in Reversible Jump MCMC for Mixture Models regarding Latent Variables Abstract
7/6 2007 10.15, MH:227 Karin östling och Helena Wiedling Fernandes presenterar sitt examensarbete Hantering av operationella risker - komplexiteten kring identifiering och kvantifiering Abstract
8/6, 2007 13.15, MH:227 Ilze Ziedins When networks go bad.... Abstract
29/6 2007 10.15, MH:227 David Bolin presenterar sitt examensarbete Estimating Vegetation Trends in the African Sahel Using Gaussian Markov Random Fields Abstract
5/10 2007 13.15, MH:227 Daniel Simpson, Queensland University of Technology, Australia Krylov Subspace Methods for Sampling from Large Gaussian Markov Random Fields Abstract
19/10 2007 13.15, MH:227 Andreas Nordvall Lagerås, Chalmers Coalescent processes and other models for genealogical trees Abstract
25/10 2007 9.15, MH:A Linda Werner Hartman defends her PhD thesis Spatial Statistics and Ancestral Recombination Graphs with Applications in Gene Mapping and Geostatistics Abstract
9/11 2007 13.15, MH:227 Rolf Poulsen, School of Business, Economics and Law, Göteborg University TBA Abstract
26/10 2007 13.15, MH:227 Eric Gilleland, NCAR Assessing Weather Forecasts Abstract
16/11 2007 10.15, MH:A Klas Bogsjö defends his PhD thesis Road profile statistics relevant for vehicle fatigue Abstract
23/11 2007 13.15, MH:227 Gebrenegus Ghilagaber, Department of Statistics, Stockholm University. Bayesian Adjustment of Anticipatory Covariates in Analyzing Retrospective Data Abstract
29/11 2007 15.15, MH:227 Tatjana Turova Schmeling Asymptotics for the size of the largest component scaled to "log n" in inhomogeneous random graphs. Abstract
30/11 2007 10.15, MH:329 Aron Moberg, presents his master's thesis. Pricing and hedging of Credit Default Swaps using the CEV-model Abstract
17/12 2007 13.15, MH:309 Mats Matsson, presents his master's thesis. Image Super-Resolution using Gaussian Markov Random Fields Abstract
20/12 2007 10.15, MH:227 Irina Didenkulova Long waves in a costal zone Abstract
21/12 2007 10.15, MH:329 Andreas Andersson, presents his master's thesis. Credit Migration Derivatives - Modelling of the Underlying Credit Migration Matrices Abstract



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