The Statistics Seminar, 2006

13/1 2006 10.15, MH: 140 Victor Lang och Richard Setterwall presenterar sitt examensarbete Credit Risk Diversification using Default Correlation Abstract
13/1 2006 13.15, MH: 227 Rebecka Jörnsten, Rutgers University Statistical analysis of dendritic branching in hippocampal neurons Abstract
20/1 2006 13.15, MH: 227 John Noble, Matematisk Statistik Linköpings Universitet The Directed Polymer in a Random Environment Abstract
25/1 2006 13.15, MH: 333 (Joint seminar with oberseminar) Anders Karlsson , KTH, Stockholm A general noncommutative law of large numbers Abstract
10/2 2006 10.15, MH: 227 Erik Lindström Are Option Values Stochastic? On Effects of State and Parameter Uncertainty Abstract
13/2 2006 10.15, MH: 140 Thomas Rådberg and Oskar Rundlöf Present their master's thesis Pricing of Emerald Options Using Local Volatility Abstract
17/2 2006 10.15, MH: 140 Gustav Bengtsson and Camilla Bjurhult Present their master's thesis Equitity Based Modelling of Credit Default Swaps Abstract
17/2 2006 13.15, MH: 227 E. David Ford, College of Forest Resources University of Washington What is needed for statistical analysis of spatial processes in ecology? Abstract
24/2 2006 13.15, MH: 227 Georg Lindgren Stochastic models for individual Lagrange sea waves Abstract
28/2 2006 10.15, MH: 140 Ulrica Müntzing and Joakim Hansson Present their master's thesis Predicting the Directions of Forward Price Movements at the Nordic Power Exchange Abstract
28/2 2006 13.15, MH: 227 Marcus Bellander Present his master's thesis Non-linear optimization using Constrained Neural Networks with Applications on the Nordic Energy Market Abstract
3/3 2006 13.15, MH: 227 Jimmy Olsson Particle approximation of smoothing functionals in general state space models with application to maximum likelihood estimation Abstract
17/3 2006 13.15, MH: 227 Thomas H. Scheike Dept of Biostatistics University of Copenhagen Dynamic regression models in Survival Analysis Abstract
24/3 2006 13.15, MH: 227 Johan Jonasson, Chalmers. The dynamical circle covering problem Abstract
30/3 2006 13.15, MH: 140 Kristina Haglind, presenterar sitt examensarbete Riskmodellering av svenska aktieportföljer Abstract
7/4 2006 10.15, MH: 309C Linus Svensson, present his master's thesis Contrarian Trading Strategies on Extreme Price Changes in the Foreign Exchange Market Abstract
7/4 2006 13.15, MH: 227 Jenny Andersson, Chalmers. The volume fraction of a non--overlapping germ--grain model Abstract
20/4 2006 13.15, MH: 227 Martin Englund och Fredrik Thuring presenterar sitt examensarbete Multidimensional Experience Rating with Extensions to Causal Time Dependence Abstract
21/4 2006 10.15, MH: 227 Pia Stene presenterar sitt examensarbete Monte-Carlo based hedge methods Abstract
27/4 2006 10.15, MH: 227 Cristian Iorizzo presenterar sitt examensarbete A comparison of risk measures on the power market Abstract
28/4 2006 13.15, MH: 227 Johan Lindström Background and Foreground Modelling Using an Online EM Algorithm Abstract
5/5 2006 13.15, MH: 227 Bo Markussen, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University Copenhagen Statistical analysis of image warps using stochastic differential equations Abstract
12/5 2006 13.15, MH: 227 Sofia Åberg Palm distributions of wave characteristics in encountering seas Abstract
19/5 2006 13.15, MH: 227 Mattias Sundén, Chalmers Brownian approximation in the Kac model Abstract
23/5 2006 10.15, MH: 227 Jonas Magnusson, presenterar sitt examensarbete Analysis and detection of protein peaks for SELDI-TOF spectra Abstract
31/5 2006 10.15, MH: 227 Mikael Gunnarsson, presenterar sitt examensarbete Call Option Pricing in the Regime Swithching Lévy Market Abstract
1/6 2006 10.15, MH: 227 Lina Åkerlund, presenterar sitt examensarbete Comparisson of the Base Correlation and Compound Correlation Approach of Valuing CDO tranches Abstract
1/6 2006 11.15, MH: 227 Henrik Brunlid och Oskar Arnoldsson, presenterar sitt examensarbete CDO Pricing Using the Normal Inverse Gaussian Copula and Fast Fourier Transforms Abstract
16/6 2006 13.15, MH: 227 Annica Dominicus, AstraZeneca. Modelling variability in longitudinal data using random change point models Abstract
22/6 2006 10.15, MH:A Henrik Malmberg presenterar sitt examensarbete Detecting shortages of wind power in a small system / Om att förutsäga brist på vindkraft i ett lokalt system Abstract
25/8 2006 13.15, MH:227 Søren Asmussen, Aarhus Tail Probabilities for a Computer Reliability Problem Abstract
8/9 2006 13.15, MH:227 Zbigniew Michna, Wroclaw Applications of series representations for Lévy processes Abstract
13/9 2006 10.15, MH:329 Simon Porras presenterar sitt examensarbete Time-Frequency Multitaper Analysis of EEG from children with ADHD Abstract
18/9 2006 13.15, MH:229 Professor Andreas Jakobsson, Karlstad University Detection of explosives and narcotics using nuclear quadrupole resonance - a signal processing perspective Abstract
3/10 2006 10.15, MH:329 Bennie Gustafssons presenterar sitt examensarbete Formant estimation and time-frequency analysis of imitator data Abstract
6/10 2006 10.15, MH:329 Samuel Janzon presenterar sitt examensarbete Vehicle Tracking Using Bayesian Form Models Abstract
6/10 2006 13.15, MH:227 Linda Werner-Hartman Gene mapping - what additional clues can haplotypes provide? Abstract
9-13/10 2006 Donald Percival Wavelet course (see link for detailed programme) Course programme
19/10 2006 13.15, MH:227 Jörg Wegener Modes of North-Atlantic climate variability. Abstract
20/10 2006 9.15, MH:A Sebastian Rasmus försvarar sin doktorsavhandling Derivative Prices for Models using Lévy Processes and Markov Switching Abstract
27/10 2006 13.15, MH:227 Mathias Lindholm, Stockholms Universitet Endemic persistence or disease extinction: the effect of separation into subcommunities Abstract
17/11 2006 13.15, MH:227 Tobias Rydén Fast simulated annealing in Rd Abstract
24/11 2006 13.15, MH:227 Helle Sørensen, KVL Small sample distribution of the LR test in a random effects model Abstract
1/12 2006 10.15, MH:329 Axel Wåhlin presenterar sitt examensarbete Estimation, Examination and Extensions of SPDs Empirical Study on The Nordic Option Market Abstract
1/12 2006 13.15, MH:227 Anders Sjögren, Chalmers Weighted Analysis of Microarray Experiments Abstract
8/12 2006 13.15, MH:227 Thomas Vallier Merging Percolation and Classical Random graphs: Phase Transition in Dimension 1 Abstract



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