The Statistics Seminar, 2005

14/1, 13:15, MH: 227 Joakim Axmon Blind Impact Response Analysis for Health Assessment of Living Trees Abstract
19/1, 15:15, MH: 227 Anders Evenås och Ronny Alex, presenterar sitt examensarbete Hedging Strategy Optimization under Proportional Transaction Costs Abstract
27/1 (em), 28/1 (fm), MH:227 Workshop i spatial statistik Program
11/2, 9:15, MH: A Oskar Hagberg, försvarar sin doktorsavhandling Asymptotic Expansions of Crossing Rates of Stationary Random Processes Abstract
1/3, 10:15, MH: 140 Johan Sandberg, presenterar sitt examensarbete Detecting MMN in Infants EEG with Bootstrap and SVD Abstract
1/3, 13:15, MH: 227 Per Ranebo och Hannes Lindbeck, presenterar sitt examensarbete Predicting the aluminium spot price on the London Metal Exchange Abstract
2/3, 10:15, MH: 140 Patrik Nevsten och Daniel Lönnborg, presenterar sitt examensarbete A Credit Risk Model for Real Estate Lending Portfolios - Implemented on the Swedish Residential Market Abstract
3/3 och 4/3 MH: 227 Håvard Rue ger en kurs i Gaussiska Markovfält Detaljerad Information
11/3, 13:15, MH: 227 Thomas Lyse Hansen Energy Options in an HJM Framework Abstract
16/3, 13:15, MH: 140 Pelle Bergsten och Thomas Gunnarsson, presenterar sitt examensarbete Validation of Credit Risk Models --A Sensitivity Analysis of the Validation Methods and Estimation of a Logistic Regression Model Abstract
15/3, 13:15, MH: 227 Jim Gustafsson, presenterar sitt examensarbete A semiparametric approach to loss distribution modelling with application to operational risk assessment Abstract
18/3, 13:15, MH: 227 Rob Deardon, Cambridge The UK 2001 Foot-and-mouth Disease Epidemic (A Case Study in Individual Level Spatial Epidemiology) Abstract
1/4, 13:15, MH: 227 June Morita Rethinking What and How We Teach (& Learn) Statistics, Probability, Mathematics Abstract
15/4, 13:15, MH: 227 Carsten Sørensen, Copenhagen Business School Stochastic Volatility and Seasonality in Commodity Futures and Options: The Case of Soybeans Abstract
22/4, 10:15, MH: 362D Jonas Ströjby, presenterar sitt examensarbete Modelling non-linear stochastic dynamic systems with recurrent neural networks and non-linear filters with applications in energy trading Abstract
22/4, 13:15, MH: 227 Anders Tolver Jensen, Københavns universitet Inference for doubly stochastic Poisson processes Abstract
29/4, 13:15, MH: 227 Susanne Ditlevsen , Københavns universitet Parameter estimation in a stochastic model of the tubuloglomerular feedback mechanism in a rat nephron: differences between spontaneously hypertensive rats and Sprague-Dawley rats Abstract
11/5, 13:15, MH: 227 J.A. Ferreira, Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam On the Benjamini-Hochberg method of multiple testing Abstract
13/5, 9:15, MH: A Anders Malmberg, försvarar sin doktorsavhandling Space-Time Prediction of Ocean Winds Abstract
20/5 13:15, MH: 227 Erik Brodin, Chalmers On Quantile Estimation Abstract
23/5 13:15, MH: 227 Erik Andersson och David Börjesson, presentar sitt examensarbete Statistical Validation of IR Signature Software Abstract
27/5 13:15, MH: 227 John Maindonald, Australian National University,Canberra, Australia Plots that are Designed to show Groups in Expression Array and other High-dimensional Data Abstract
2/6 13:15, MH: 227 Karin Gembert, presentar sitt examensarbete SAS-macros for computations of non parametric confidence intervals Abstract
3/6 9:15, MH: A Roger Halldin, försvarar sin doktorsavhandling Stochastic Modeling and Optimization Under Uncertainty of a Hydro Power System Abstract
9/6 10:15, MH: 140 Rikard Neiderud, presenterar sitt examensarbete Speaker Recognition in /k/ Abstract
10/6 10:15, MH: C Jimmy Olsson, försvarar sin licentiatavhandling On Estimation in State Space Models Using the Bootstrap Particle Filter Abstract
17/6 13:15, MH: 227 Azra Kurbasic Relative Risks for General Phenotypes and Genetic Models Abstract
21/6 13:15, MH: 227 Susann Stjernqvist, presenterar sitt examensarbete Analysis of CGH-data with hidden Markov models Abstract
22/6 13:15, MH: 227 Pia Mårtensson Löthgren, presenterar sitt examensarbete Distance Metrics for Stochastic Shape Models Abstract
22/6 14:15, MH: 227 Viktoria Samuelsson, presenterar sitt examensarbete Modelling and normalization for SELDI-TOF spectra Abstract
19/8 13:15, MH: 227 Carl Johan Hegerin och Jonas Gustafsson, presenterar sitt examensarbete Sytematic FX-trading Abstract
26/8 13.15, MH: 227 Kenneth Holmqvist, Victoria Johansson, Sven Strömqvist och Åsa Wengelin, SOL, Lunds Universitet Analys av språkligt realtidsbeteende Abstract
8/9 13:15, MH: 227 Philippe Wagner, presenterar sitt examensarbete On blood glucose based prediction of glycated haemoglobin A (HbA1c) in type II diabetes subjects. Abstract
9/9 13.15, MH: 227 Georg Lindgren Mobiltelefoni och hälsoeffekter - något om Vetenskapsrådets utredning och forskning om hälsoeffekter av elektromagnetiska fält Abstract
16/9 15.15, MH: 227 Filip Lindskog, KTH The Cramér-Wold device for regular variation Abstract
21/9 13.15, MH: 227 Andreas Kamvissis, presenterar sitt examensarbete Scenario-based stochastic optimization of the Nord Pool bid curves - modelling the electricity spot price Abstract
30/9 13.15, MH: 227 Per Runeson och Thomas Thelin, Software Engineering Research Group, LTH. Capture-Recapture for Software Defect Content Estimation Abstract
3/10 13.15, MH: 227 Nuray Güner presenterar sitt examensarbete, A Comparison of Models for Longitudinal Count Data Abstract
7/10 13.15, MH: 227 Linda Werner Hartman och Lena Zetterqvist Studenter lär varandra - erfarenheter av samarbetslärande på grundkurs i matematisk statistik Abstract
14/10 13.15, MH: 227 Sylvain Rubenthaler, Universite de Nice Sophia-Antipolis Optimal portfolio allocation strategy and optimal filter in a simple model : numerical issues Abstract
4/11 13.15, MH: 227 Tom Britton, Stockholms Universitet Random graphs, infectious diseases and vaccination strategies Abstract
11/11 13.15, MH: 227 Anna Lindgren Matstats hemsidor - Hur ser de ut och hur vill vi ha dem? Abstract
18/11 13.15, MH: 227 Dragi Anevski, Göteborgs universitet Hardy-Littlewood-Polya's monotone rearrangement algorithm. Abstract
24/11 13.15, MH: 227 Mats Kvarnström, Center for Biophysical Imaging, Chalmers Statistical tools in quantitative imaging Abstract
2/12 9.15, MH: A Mats Pihlsgård, försvarar sin doktorsavhandling Two-Barrier Problems in Applied Probability: Algorithms and Analysis Abstract
9/12 13.15, MH: 227 Alexander Kukush, Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University, Ukraine Quasi-Likelihood is More Efficient than Corrected Score in a Nonlinear Measurement Error Model Abstract
16/12 10.15, MH: B Klas Bogsjö, försvarar sin licentiatavhandling Stochastic modelling of road roughness Abstract



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