The Statistics Seminar, 2004

26/1 2004 Azra Kurbasic & Lars ängquist Topics on significance in linkage analysis Abstract
9/2 2004, 13:15, MH227 Herik Wentzel A Method to Estimate the Damping Caused by Bolted Joints Abstract
11/2 2004, 13:15, MH227 Henric von der Groeben och Martin Torell Deriving Explanatory Factors for Stock Returns Using Multi-Factor Cross-Sectional Regression and Mimicking Portfolios Abstract
20/2, 13:15, MH227 Finn Lindgren Versionshantering med CVS Abstract
27/2, 13:15, MH, sal C Fredrik Nordström försvarar sin doktorsavhandling Interference Rejection and Channel Detection in Mobile Communication Abstract
5/3, 13:15, MH:227 Patrik Wahlberg, inst f elektrovetenskap, Lund Time-frequency analysis of Gaussian stochastic processes using the Wigner-Ville distribution Abstract
12/3, 10:15, MH:227 Lars Antonsson, Magnus Persson Probabilistisk Säkerhetsanalys av testintervall för Ringhals 1 Abstract
12/3, 13:15, MH:227 Maria Deijfen, Stockholms universitet Stochastic models for spatial growth and competition Abstract
19/3, 13:15, MH:227 Pär-Ola Bendahl, avd. för Onkologi. Selected statistical problems in cancer research Abstract
26/3, 13:15, MH:227 Oskar Hagberg Approximating the rate of crossings of a function of a vector valued Gaussian process Abstract
31/3, 10:15, MH:362b Jimmy Olsson & Svetlana Bizjajeva General State Space Markov Chains Abstract
2/4, 13:15, MH:227 Ted Lystig, Astra Zeneca/GU. Goodness of fit in hidden Markov models Abstract
6/4, 10:15, MH, sal C Attila Frigyesi försvarar sin doktorsavhandling Topics in multifractal measures, nonparametrics and biostatistics Abstract
16/4, 13:15, MH:227 Nanny Wermuth, Göteborgs universitet The exciting but slow development of insight: the case of properties of a factor analysis model Abstract
30/4, 13:15, MH:227 Olle Häggström, Chalmers Slumpens skördar Abstract
13/5, 13.15, MH:227 Anders Martin-Löf, Stockholms Universitet Diffusion Approximations for nearly critical Epidemic Models. Abstract
25/5, 13.15, MH:C Linda Werner, Licentiatseminarium Spatial inference for non-lattice data using Markov random fields Abstract
28/5, 10:15, MH, sal C Anastassia Baxevani försvarar sin doktorsavhandling Modelling Sea Surface Dynamics Using Crossing Distributions Abstract
28/5, 14:15, MH: 227 Siri Francke, Exjobbs-seminarium Utvärdering och förbättring av en prognosmodell för vindkraft Abstract
11/6, 13:15, MH: 227 örjan Stenflo, Stockholms Universitet Place-dependent random iterations of functions. Abstract
18/6, 13:15, MH: 227 Linus Nilsson An introduction to data mining methods CART and MARS with applications in industrial monitoring Abstract
1/7, 10:15, MH: 227 Ylva Johansson, Exjobbs-seminarium Finding Regions of Amplification and Deletion in Array-CGH Data Using Local Polynomial Regression and Change Detection Methods Abstract
27/8, 13:15, MH: 227 Camilla Rasmusson, Exjobbs-seminarium Using nonlinear Kalman filtering for inflow modeling Abstract
3/9, 10:15, MH: 309a Martin Sandberg, Exjobbs-seminarium Statistical Determination of Ignition Frequency Abstract
2/9, 10:15, MH: 332b Maria Hansson, Docentföreläsning Kan vi se vad vi tänker ? Metoder för analys av hjärnans signaler Abstract
3/9, 13:15, MH: 227 Kim Nolsøe, DTU Estimating Functions with prior knowledge Abstract
10/9, 13:15, MH: C Presentation av Peter Guttorp CF:s Professor i Miljövetenskap 2004-2005 ,(University of Washington, Seattle) Environmetrics - Combining Science and Statistics Abstract
21/9, 13:15, MH:227 Jean Opsomer Nonparametric Regression in Survey Estimation Abstract
24/9, 10:15, MH:C Torgny Lindström försvarar sin doktorsavhandling Local Polynomial Regression with Application on Lidar Measurements Abstract
28/9, 10:15, OBS MH:362D Kristian åkesson, Exjobbspresentation Modelling Dependence with Archimedian Copulas Abstract
1/10, 10:15, MH:C Henrik Bengtsson försvarar sin doktorsavhandling Low-level analysis of microarray data Abstract
5/10, 13.15, MH:227 Richard Davis Structural Break Detection in Time Series Models Abstract
13/10, 13:15, MH:B Sebastian Rasmus försvarar sin licentiatavhandling Pricing Exotic Derivatives Using Lévy Process Input Abstract
15/10, 13:15, MH: 227 Peter Jagers Exponential Growth or Death -- from Malthus to PCR Abstract
22/10, 13:15, MH: 227 Mats Broden presenterar sitt examensarbete Portfolio Opltimization at Fixed Transaction Days Abstract
5/11, 13:15, MH: 227 Jesper Lund Pedersen, Köpenhamns universitet Prediction of the ultimate maximum of Brownian motion Abstract
12/11, 13:15, MH: 227 Mats Pihlsgård Loss rate for Lévy processes with two reflecting barriers Abstract
26/11, 13:15, MH: 227 Claus Dethlefsen, Aalborg University Space-time problems and applications Abstract
16/12, 13:15, MH: 227 Mutshinda Crispin, presenterar sitt examensarbete Coverage Accuracy of Confidence Intervals for Parameters and Quantiles in Extreme Value Distributions Abstract
20/12, 10:15, MH: C Erik Lindström, försvarar sin doktorsavhandling Statistical Modeling of Diffusion Processes with Financial Applications Abstract



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